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Right Club Foot – Virtual World

‘Virtual World’, an indie/alternative track reminiscent of the 80s New Wave, where cyclical percussion is paired with meaningful lyrics to produce music with a message.

Right Club Foot - Virtual World

Netherlands-based Right Club Foot’s newly-released ‘Virtual World’ is a sound for sore ears, imparting an important message considering the current political climate and synthesised world in which we reside.

Right Club Foot embraces individuality and openness, demonstrated perfectly in name – eponymous for the common medical condition, club foot. Right Club Foot describes this condition opened his eyes to empathy and acceptance, noticing each person’s uniqueness, and these qualities are present throughout his discography.

Their discography infiltrates various genres and sounds, giving nods to indie, electronic, alternative, pop and punk music. The rejection of strict genre conventions adds to Right Club Foot’s uniqueness, ‘with fusion and experimentation at the core’ (quote taken from the band’s Facebook). Right Club Foot presents himself as dance-y and raw, without appearing pretentious, the sense of authenticity he provides being what initially drew me to his music.

This is especially true of ‘Virtual World’, an indie/alternative track reminiscent of the 80s New Wave, where cyclical percussion is paired with meaningful lyrics to produce music with a message. This message revolves around the futility of internet culture and associated fakery, demonstrated in punchy lyrics such as ‘fantastic little world, where we all live in denial’ and ‘filter on, look at me, beautiful’. The shoegaze-style vocals suggest the lyrics are important, but self-supporting of their theme in that they feel accessible, yet not imposing.

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From the onset, the dark undertones of lyrics and bass thrive amongst the clashes of hi-hats and lilting guitar, seemingly allegorical for the song: the darkness hidden beneath the surface of the enticing ‘virtual world’ that Right Club Foot is warning of. The thrumming bass is my favourite part of the arrangement, fitting the artist’s dark and gritty aesthetic. These perfectly-blended layers of sound engage listeners; the balance of guitar, vocals and percussion comparable to bands such as The Cure, Bombay Bicycle Club, RHPC and The Psychedelic Furs.

Right Club Foot

filter on, look at me, beautiful.

Overall, ‘Virtual World’ is a stellar release from Right Club Foot that would feel right at home with the growing underground indie-alt scene of London. I greatly look forward to hearing it live one day.

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Gem Stokes
the authorGem Stokes
19 year old vegan studying English lit at Queen Mary University London. Aspiring music journalist and/or foreign news correspondent. I'm usually best found at a gig or with my heart in a book

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  • Love this guys stuff! I’ve been getting to know him a little better over the last few weeks since he featured one of my songs on his playlist. He is a really genuine guy who does value individuality and creative spirit. I’m really keen to hear more of his stuff that he has in the works.

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