Premiere of The Influencers – Fallin’ | A song about pure, unwavering devotion, despite the distance

A demonstration that absence perhaps does make the heart grow fonder.

The Influencers - Fallin

Consisting of Evan Yan and Steven Suarez, indie duo The Influencers, have released their latest track, Fallin’, today. Originating from Long Island and taking inspiration from popular bands; Pink Floyd, Coldplay and Imagine Dragons, the two have been celestially fusing contemporary pop with organic folk to create a soundtrack for your journeys through life. Despite forming in 2010, they achieved success years later, after a YouTuber (Coolman Coffee Dan) debuted their track, ‘Running In Circles’, on his popular channel. Now with a 3 album discography, The Influencers have released their third single of 2019, today.

The intimate folk-pop song is a tribute to the trials and tribulations of long-distance affection. Its wistfully romantic lyrics evoke the melancholic desire to be with a loved one once again, and with innocent vocals combined with haunting melodies, ‘Fallin’’ is an opportunity to reminisce. Beginning with a warm, calming guitar riff and an uncomplicated rhythm section, the track allows space for the peacefully jubilant vocals to begin uninterrupted.

Listen to The Influencers – Fallin’ via YouTube below or via Spotify

The overwhelming sense of longing is deepened by the presence of mournful cello and backing vocals, embodying the raw emotion of yearning for another, and allowing you to become lost in thought. Yet these contrast with the sweetly exposed vocals, creating something that is the perfect balance of a joyous reflection and nostalgic heartbreak. The effortless addition of gentle piano and cello solos grant us the chance to notice the absence of the vocals, and ultimately crave their return; mirroring the pining within the lyrics.

The Influencers


‘Fallin’’ is a moment to drift into wishful thinking, a song about pure, unwavering devotion, despite the distance. It’s a demonstration that absence perhaps does make the heart grow fonder, and that the labour of missing someone can also become a beautiful piece of music.

Have a listen here on For The Love Of Bands, then head to The Influencers’ socials now:


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