FTLOB PRESENTS: 2019 ReverbNation FEATURED ARTIST Opportunity – Top 20

Shortlist of some of the most gripping music we came across in the process.

Reverbnation Featured Artist

After a stunning amount of Submissions to our 2019 ReverbNation Featured Artist Opportunity, we were once again blown away by the quality and breadth of Indie Music talent around the world.  As a result, rather than only selecting a single campaign choice, we at For The Love of Bands felt it was only right to compile an additional shortlist of some of the most gripping music we came across in the process.  

Get to know these Indie singers, bands and duos that have each had a heavy impact on us during the campaign. Below, you will find a small description and a link for the song that was put forward. Alternatively, you can follow and enjoy the complete collection on our FTLOB IndieNation playlist. Find the ReverbNation playlist embedded below. Scroll down for the Spotify playlist.

In random order our top 20 plus 1

The Comstocks were selected as our ReverbNation Featured Artist on ForTheLoveOfBands, which you can read here.

The Comstocks – 40ft

Spotify Song Link – https://open.spotify.com/track/4PisiDIj5fram7rpZWi3GS

From: Monasterevin, Ireland Genre: Alternative

Talk about capturing the spirit of the current ‘Indie as a Genre’ movement, these Irish Indie Alternative troubadours have reached the “40ft” depths of that Indie despair and apathy.  An emotive and plaintive first verse lifts into a chorus of the year candidate. Just wait for it. It will stay with you for days. Very capable dudes with some wonderfully ‘now’ moments.  

Peter McPoland – Lady Bird

Spotify Song Link – https://open.spotify.com/track/6VK99mLQWXxTEARFZdIIkQ 

From: The Woodlands, TX Genre: Indie, Alternative, Singer/Songwriter

Coming off his own recent victory in the Tri C High School Rock Off Contest held at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in March, Peter McPoland’s “Lady Bird” is truly ready to soar.  Starting with a sampled soliloquy about beauty, the playing and overall execution of this heart-tugging gem of Americana wonderfully blooms into a soul-stirring Indie song of the year. .  

The Wilderness – Dancing In The Dive Bars

Spotify Song Link – https://open.spotify.com/track/773V1VXx8InJitOiVW6mP6

From: Kingston, ON, Canada Genre: Rock

With a steady stream of concerts and contests of their own, The Wilderness are showing they can’t be tamed.  A fun E Street Band-esque jam complete with a glorious saxophone, and full of enough witticisms and whimsy to pack any Dive Bar in the world.  Solidly produced and one of our top bands to watch!

Rai Kah Mercury – Terror Incognito

Spotify Song Link – https://open.spotify.com/track/720kNGUKeZYxf1f3obdL8s

From: Alrewas, ENG, United Kingdom Genre: Rock, Indie, Blues Rock

Slamming Indie Rock greatness right from the jump, Rai Kah Mercury instantly prove they are ready for the Incognito to become Infamy!  Hard-edged, but expertly melodic – the bassline, ripping guitars, chord changes and vocals all scream PRO. Congrats to some young lads that are ready for glory.

Levee Drivers – Miss Recklessness

Spotify Song Link – https://open.spotify.com/track/2UttsRdIviOgVe1UI8StfN

From: Philadelphia, PA Genre: Americana, Rock

This mournful appeal to a loved one in the throes of addiction, is an absolute stunner.  Tragic and raw, there is a profound authenticity that drives this somber yet direct Americana Punk vibe home – only made possible through the palpable cohesion between the band and the story itself. An impactful rhythm section, supporting Steel and Harmonica excellence, still doesn’t take away from the emotional depth of the piece itself.  Do NOT let your own Recklessness cause you to miss out on the experience of fully taking this gritty dose of realism into your veins. Oh – and the last 45 seconds are everything.

Loser Company – Say Goodnight

Spotify Song Link – https://open.spotify.com/track/12uzJ2TWi4IoxssgaNY8MO

From: Los Angeles, CA Genre: Indie, Alternative Rock, Grunge

Shocking that this isn’t on every Greatest Indie list of all time.  The pace, the bleeding vocals and gorgeously painful Piano and Guitar all create a slow burner that’ll also get under your skin if you let it.  Called Indie Rock with a Nouveau-Grunge, Alternative twist – the lush darkness that surrounds these lyrically brash verses results in a beautiful concoction of angst, defeat and hurt – with more than enough Indie magic to overcome it all.

Thoughts – Over Now

Spotify Song Link – https://open.spotify.com/track/6WJ9wKzYvrYniS9BIR7UY3

From: Palm Beach, FL Genre: Indie, Pop, Rock

Switching gears, is this enthusiastically upbeat, danceable and well polished Pop Rock ditty by Florida-based young trio Thoughts.  Featuring strong vocal construction and melody, coupled with witty lyrics and a charming youthful exuberance – the group’s expertly paradoxical lyrical theme and musical bounciness, clash brilliantly.

Best Not Broken – Brain

Spotify Song Link – https://open.spotify.com/track/0pwpzlIsN42gUCB4geE3Xw

From: Boston, MA Genre: Indie, Rock, Pop

Another Upbeat, catchy power pop musical odyssey, “Brain” starts with addictive keyboard lines that open into a subdued but strong vocal on the verse.  Harmonies are tightly packed, the chorus line is infectiously good, and the production is on point. It’s sensible and fun, danceable and dramatic, with enough musical variation to keep your brain engaged throughout.

Cal Brown – Lonely

Spotify Song Link – https://open.spotify.com/track/6ZRGHVGdrqvh93YqUc5J6G

From: Decatur, GA Genre: Singer Songwriter, Pop, Blues

A surprising, awe-inspiring groove and jazz influenced cadence helps propel R&B Indie crooner Cal Brown into the upper echelon of those we listened to.  Beyond just a capable soul singer, there are subtle but infinitely genius guitar effects and solid instrumentation of all kinds oozing from this new talent.  Lonely no more, this one deserves your attention!

Beyond the Grey – Now or Never

Spotify Song Link – https://open.spotify.com/track/4yT4lkTlmoQxdrB0YHDdik

From: Kcmo, MO Genre: Rock, Metal

Epically produced, the minimalist intro explodes into the foundations of the future power chorus to come, then sweetly blends brilliantly into the verse.  When the chorus hits, the familiar riffs from the intro unload over power packed harmonies capable of charting on rock radio. Great blend of rock/metal aesthetic with enough pop sensibility to appeal to many.  And, the 2nd half thrives with enough variation by the players, to ensure this one is way more Now, than Never.

Ugly Melon – Just a Man

Spotify Song Link – https://open.spotify.com/track/3Yn12TaMI6TmHYoQ9lCWcs

From: Vaughan, ON, Canada Genre: Rock, Hard Rock

Gothic Hard Rock at its purest, a cinematic intro crashes into heavy riffs and plodding percussion, before descending into a stoner-like breakdown with a smoky Cornell-esque vocal in the verse.  A call for spiritual self-governance versus brick and mortar organized religion, “Just a Man” is not for the religiously sensitive. But with a mix. vocal and instrumentation that are all world class, Ugly Melon are already on their way to establishing their own cult-like following.

Vanderocker – Austin

Spotify Song Link – https://open.spotify.com/track/6QDyiBWUy1qrUquBJVPInz

From: Santa Monica, CA Genre: Alternative, indie pop, electronica

This shape-shifting, genre-bending outfit continues to challenge listeners, offering a Psych Desert Rock kind of sound on “Austin”.  The journey begins with gritty Guitar arpeggios that defy the Rising Sun, which are then channeled through a classically-trained Hollywood Lead on the microphone, and teleported right back to the dreamy sounds and spirit of the title town.  Simplicity surrounded by scores of ambient effects, including some stirring and soaring harmonies – all bust wide open in the second half alongside a surprising breakbeat pattern.

Jeff Krause – Trying to Forget You

Spotify Song Link – https://open.spotify.com/track/6IEWt81t7RFRKT2EGIafog

From: New Orleans, LA Genre: Americana, Blues, Acoustic

Take classic Americana, Folk storytelling with a tip of the hat to Blues and Southern Soul; then christen it all with the poignancy of a modern poet – and you have this Indie amalgamation of pure heart and groove.  Featuring a Fiddle to die for and plenty of memorable instrumentation throughout – it is really the expertly written tale of woe here, that will not allow you to forget.

Old Eastern – Leroy (Remastered)

Spotify Song Link – https://open.spotify.com/track/43FWAxaLBSsI5tEJCGDFT3

From: Parkville, MD Genre: Rock

A fantastically upbeat Blues, Rock, Gypsy groove carries these polished performers across the Delta with superb Vocals, Guitars, Harmonica & Organs.  Biblical-level storytelling and thoughtful production, help to deliver a fire and brimstone sermon atop some truly epic instrumentation. Stay tuned for the ½ speed breakdown that erupts into a breathtaking finale.  

Melted Vinyl – Look To The Sky

Spotify Song Link – https://open.spotify.com/track/2M53huq2aStTnDYQ3rtj2K

From: Los Angeles, CA Genre: Rock

A lengthy look back into the Melted Vinyl catalog unearths this band-driven rock and soul gem. The Production, the Mix, the Pans, Playing and Prose – all help show why this ultra-talented group of LA rockers are poised for stardom.  Lots to look forward to with a new EP out now.

The Foxfires – Slowdive

Spotify Song Link – https://open.spotify.com/track/5khS7T0qzarOVxyx5usLgC

From: West Nyack, NY Genre: Indie, Shoegaze, Surf Rock

Shoegaze gone Seagaze, The Foxfires “Slowdive” into a Surfy ambient effects-drenched indie masterpiece.  Dripping in nowness, with waves of dreamy lyrical melodies cascading over some talented players, only to euphorically bring you back to shore with a glorious instrumental finale.  

Ali Henderson – Falling In Love (With Me)

Spotify Song Link – https://open.spotify.com/track/18qvTvmroORFJpAjuTcdeQ

From: Gaffney, SC Genre: Singer Songwriter, Pop, Rock

Ali Henderson is clearly a young woman coming into her own.  This coming of age is unfolding through what has become a dynamic, visionary and artistic social presence.  More than a profile, her Pop Indie strengths are on full display here – with a quirky, but empowering story full of charm and honesty.  Ukuleles are awesome, too – but Ali is the well-produced story here.

Of Sea and Stone – I Love You, Goodbye

Spotify Song Link – https://open.spotify.com/track/4u6whM6fOFCrNchgJTXw2j

From: Saint Louis, MO Genre: Americana, Folk, Indie

While we were already compelled to feature “I Love You, Goodbye” in a recent FTLOB review by Frank M’Otion here, this soul-stirring Americana duo is forever able to touch our hearts and souls – every time.  Featuring a chemistry that is both authentically raw and professionally polished, Of Sea and Stone share this emotional exchange between a couple at a crossroads.  

Kris Angelis – Reappear

Spotify Song Link – https://open.spotify.com/track/2Zl2S2p2fstn3FCT9X0ASJ

From: Pasadena, CA Genre: Singer Songwriter, Folk, Pop

A beautifully simple production alongside a sweet sentiment and vocal, “Reappear” allows this folksy pop Singer Songwriter to gently take us along her own journey of rebirth and resilience.  Polished, yes – but there is an authenticity and depth revealed in this coming of age tale, of confronting womanhood – of simply choosing to make the most of yourself. Kris Angelis is ready for it all.

Ships Have Sailed – Escape

Spotify Song Link – https://open.spotify.com/track/4CYwoXJh7hYe2eMRUrd5nE

From: Los Angeles, CA Genre: Alternative, Indie, Rock

Breadth – just crazy, boundless breadth.  Vocals, writing, instrumentation – the talent stretches all over the map, yet is controlled and substantive.  There is a pop magnificence to this production befitting of a behemoth like Coldplay, but a restraint and grounded sincerity that leans right into our Indie hearts.  The message of “Escape” has already led to some real genuine engagement between the band and its growing fanbase.

Miccoli – Idle Stranger

Spotify Song Link – https://open.spotify.com/track/0pADkC7oBvcvyz3h95cRwE

From: London, United Kingdom Genre: Alternative, Adult Alternative, Indie Pop

Super strong effort from Miccoli here, distinguished by a mature Indie Pop sensibility.  It’s a well played and produced upbeat jam, which also manages to ask some pretty direct questions of a less than engaged partner.  Delicately spun verses weave themselves into a quintessentially hooky chorus – showcasing the song-crafting skill of this British trio, who also happen to be a full Sibling act.  

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  • The whole process of putting this new idea together was so much fun – and just felt really, really rewarding for us to do!! Congrats to all of the bands and artists mentioned, as it truly was an awe-inspiring experience diving into each one of your tracks. Hoping this little light helps further illuminate your talents (even a tiny bit more), for the whole world to see! Much deserved!!

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