Indie Music Contest April 2020 – $2461 prize pool


The Indie Music Contest April 2020 is now live! We’ve been running the Indie Music Contest since November 2019 and they were all awesome. A great display of indie talent, all competing for cool promotion prizes. This month, we have something very special. Music Gateway is co-sponsoring the Indie Music Contest April 2020 edition, awarding the top 2 prizes this month. SubmitHub is kindly sponsoring the 3rd, 4th and 5th place.

Running 16 April – 30 April 23:59 CEST.

This month’s sponsors

Send us an email if you want to sponsor next month’s contest!

First place ($1754)
Music Gateway Game Changer Account (Sync & Music Licencing) worth £300
Music Gateway 3 Week Spotify Campaign (worth £500)
Music Gateway Artist Development Programme (worth £600)

Second place ($375)
Music Gateway Game Changer Account (Sync & Music Licencing) worth £300

Third place ($50)
50 SubmitHub credits

Fourth place ($25)
25 SubmitHub credits

Fifth place ($10)
10 SubmitHub credits

Extra prize ($250): Free promo campaign future release*

Total amount of winnings: $2461

* We randomly select one winner we really like with at least 25 votes who wins the free 2-week promo for a future release.

How do I get in?

Simply go to the Indie Music Contest main page and submit your entry.

To the Indie Music Contest

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