Elina Filice – Disappear | Musing on life, love and relationships neatly wrapped up in this genre-defying track

Elina Filice - Disappear

Dublin based Elina Filice is a singer-songwriter, wanderer and creator producing foot-tapping, genre-defying music, complete with Jamaroquaiesque funk undertones and listenable lounge rhythms. Her new single ‘Disappear’ is no exception.

Elina’s understanding of different forms of musical expression shines throughout this track. There’s a distinctive blues/rock influence apparent in the subtle backing provided by her band The Kicks, which melds with the overarching Jazz/Funk direction of the track.

A reflection on relationship building in the era of tinder and seemingly infinite possibility, this song bring attention to the difficulties of dating and trust in a time when ‘ghosting’ is seen as an acceptable dating practice, whilst also reflecting on what vulnerability in relationships means. Her melodic lyrics pair beautifully with the subtle, yet powerful guitar rhythms and stoic backing drums and bass.  

This single is a true reflection of Elina Filice’s love of combining musical styles and crossing boundaries: a form of music in diaspora.

As she recognises herself: “I struggle when people ask what kind of music I make because that’s a little like asking where I’m from! I’ve never been an artist who fits neatly into a genre, my “sound” will keep developing as long as I keep making music and listening.

If she continues to develop her sound and producing inspiring music such as this, you can guarantee Elina won’t be disappearing from people’s radars anytime soon.

Elina Filice can be found performing in various venues across Dublin, where she’s now based. Find her music streaming on all major platforms.


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