Patrick Jordan – A Woman Like You | Remembering what real Blues not only sounds like – but feels like

Patrick Jordan - A Woman Like You

Think back, if you can, to a time long since forgotten. A time where smoke-filled lounge bars occupied every street corner, when true Blues ‘pickers’ were the kings of the day. A time where soul singers belted out their notes with such unequivocal emotional force, that it could reduce even the great stoics of the age to tears. Look there and you’ll find Patrick Jordan: a multi-talented musician who makes us remember not only what real Blues sounds like – but what it feels like as well. 

Hailing from Middlesbrough, UK, Patrick Jordan first began his career working production for Cattle & Cane. After a short stint as a guitarist and songwriter for Young Rebel Set, the eclectic musician began composing tracks for his debut album ‘A Woman Like You’. Set for an exclusive release on BandCamp November 29th 2019, Jordan’s music is raw – honest and from the heart. 

Patrick Jordan’s newest single, ‘A Woman Like You’ perfectly encapsulates his meticulous approach to the Blues. The slow-hand guitar styling is unmistakable, conjuring images of a young John Mayer in his prime. Pair that with his beautifully soulful voice, reminiscent of classic Clapton, and what you have is a very powerful recipe for one truly unforgettable Blues track. 

Beyond his obvious musical capabilities, Jordan is a true student of his craft. He’s someone who understands not only where the Blues has been but also where the genre is going. The inclusion of the wailing electric organ in the bridge of ‘A Woman Like You’ harkens back to a time where music, especially Rock n’ Roll and Blues was still finding itself. It’s an ode to all those artists who came before and a checkpoint for all those still to come. 

Patrick Jordan is a man apart, breathing renewed fire and blood into the Blues. His title track ‘A Woman Like You’ would be best enjoyed on a cold snowy night, sitting down by a roaring fire, with a bottomless glass of red wine at the ready. It’s a fresh take on a classic lover’s lament that will stay on your mind and stuck in your head, long after you’ve finished listening. It’s evocative, passionate songwriting at its very best.


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