SALR – Feelings, a true chemical reaction of music and the mind

Feelings’ by SALR recalls the emotion and raw energy of a beautiful 80’s power ballad, woven into an intricate tapestry of modern synth and dream pop

SALR - Feelings

I’ve always thought that the mark of a truly great song is “something you can snap your fingers to”. That simple act of involuntary percussion often tells me more in the first 15 seconds than anything else I could ever hope to hear. It’s a simple standard that quickly distinguishes between music that’s only meant to be heard from music that’s made to be felt. So what exactly do I mean by that?

Well, all music by definition can be heard. The radio is the perfect example of a medium which enables you to hear everything yet feel nothing. It’s a gift few artists possess and that even fewer know what to do with. But not SALR; not them. Their music can only be felt; experienced. And with their latest release of the single ‘Feelings, the group attempts to permanently etch their indie/synth-pop sound onto a musical dreamscape of emotion and wonderment.


What SALR have been able to accomplish is nothing short of remarkable. It’s the rarest kind of musical offering: a true chemical reaction of music and the mind. It’s as if you can watch the song unfold itself before your very eyes, revealing a beautiful kaleidoscope of synaesthetic treasures. ‘Feelings’ creeps like a stranger in the night, infused with a tantalizing dub rhythm that makes it impossible to keep your hips from swaying. Whether you’re at the club or dancing alone in your living room, the song hits just as hard.  

The lyrics possess an inherent sense of longing and sorrow; pain and regret. They speak about coming to terms with the kind of love and emotions we know to be toxic, no matter how hard we try to ignore or think otherwise. It’s about trying to move forward, about moving on but being plagued by the unanswerable and the forever unknown. ‘Feelings’ bleeds honesty and the track speaks to a group/artist who is/are well beyond their years. It’s Bryan Adams meets M83 in the absolute greatest way imaginable and a shortlist favourite to start 2020 off with a bang.

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