Pop-Punk is back with a vengeance thanks to Faded Youth’s latest single ‘The Summer of Goodbye’.

With ‘The Summer of Goodbye’ the group look to usher in a new kind of Renaissance, the likes of which we haven’t seen in years.

Faded Youth - Summer Of Goodbye

I grew up in the Golden Era of Punk Rock. A time when Green Day and Blink-182 ruled the airwaves; when Emo was still in its infancy. Back then, the Van’s Warped Tour was the biggest/most spectacular music festival on the planet – now it doesn’t even exist. I’ve seen Goldfinger’s original lineup. I once watched Joey Cape and Tony Sly play an acoustic show to a crowd of 150 people. What I’m trying to say is this : Punk Rock, for everything that its worth, has been ingrained in me. It flows through my veins and into my soul. And while it’s true that my mosh-pitting days have been over for some time, Punk Rock helped to make me who I am.

That’s why I was so excited to stumble upon Faded Youth and hear their incredible new single ‘The Summer of Goodbye’. It’s like they’re the Delorean and I’m Marty McFly (that’s a Back to the Future reference FYI). The track itself feels instantly timeless and triggers waves of euphoric nostalgia from the very first snare hit until the final chord fades out. It’s an eclectic amalgamation of the bands and sounds I once held in my heart of hearts. If you put Against Me, Sum 41, New Found Glory, and Something Corporate in a bag and gave it a good shake – Faded Youth would inevitably fall out. ‘The Summer of Goodbye’ plays like a beautiful heartfelt ode to the SoCal scene. It’s living proof that punk rock isn’t just still breathing but rather thriving.

What really propels the track forward is the expert engineering and sound quality, reminiscent of Jerry Finn in the prime years of his life. Emphatic drums and wailing guitars are the keys to making a great sounding punk record; a fact that Faded Youth seem to grasp to the fullest. Their musicianship and songwriting prowess is the kind of stuff that breaks down genre barriers. It’s the kind of music that defies expectations. What Faded Youth are attempting to do is nothing short of ambitious: to bring pop-punk back to the forefront of indie music culture. With ‘The Summer of Goodbye’ the group look to usher in a new kind of Renaissance, the likes of which we haven’t seen in years. 

Faded Youth

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