New Bif Naked release Jim remains undeniably Bif: angry, angsty and empowering

Legends never die…

One of the earliest lessons life ever taught me was this: “there’s heroes and there’s legends. Heroes get remembered, but legends never die…”. Now before going any further, if you don’t recognize this quote and you’re reading this review having somehow gone your entire life without seeing the film The Sandlot; stop what you’re doing right now and go watch it. I’ll wait…are you good? Great. Where was I again? Oh yes – heroes and legends and BiF Naked. For those unacquainted, BiF Naked is a Platinum/Gold selling Canadian rock legend. She’s an international best selling artist who over the span of her 25+ year career, has performed alongside rock royalty acts such as Green Day, The Foo Fighters, and even Billy Idol. She is unquestionably one of the most important and monumental Canadian rock stars in the country’s history, and for the first time in over a decade, she’s back with a brand new single and video!

‘Jim’ is less of a man and more of a physical embodiment or representation of pain and loss. The lyrics are deeply personal and paint a vivid depiction of abuse, betrayal, and the emotions that stir when you confront the villain of your story head-on. At its most rudimentary, ‘Jim’ is a breakup song, one which is best played as loudly as possible. While it lacks some of the more quintessential pop elements that have helped to define her sound over the years, ‘Jim’ remains undeniably ‘Bif’: angry; angsty; and empowering.

The video itself is an incredible cinematic accomplishment. It’s a complete ‘shot/reverse shot’ of Bif’s confrontation with ‘Jim’; done in the style of a boxing match. BiF is using very strong imagery and metaphor to imply that being in a relationship means standing up for yourself; that you have to fight to defend your honor and integrity just like the prize fighters of old. Even her negligee is intentional. The red robe is reminiscent of the kind boxers wear as they make their entrance from the tunnel to the ring. Also, and this is a bit of an aside, but she looks freaking amazing! BiF has never been one to shy away from showing off her body; and at almost 50, she looks as good as she ever has. Maybe even better.

BiF Naked
BiF Naked

Legends never die. That’s why we’re still talking about BiF Naked three decades after her initial debut; because she is a legend. She’s a Canadian rock music pioneer; one who should be lauded alongside other integral True North artists like Joni Mitchell, Alanis Morissette, and Celine Dion. Don’t try and make things so complicated; BiF was the anti-Britney long before a certain Napanee native came to be known. She has always been anti-establishment and 100% authentic. ‘Jim’ is no exception; it’s an amalgamation of everything that has helped to make BiF Naked who she is. As a fan who remembers what it was like to watch her from the crowd, who can still feel the electricity of her performance; I say welcome back, BiF. It’s been far too long. 

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  • She’s truly an artist, and I loved the article, Jordan Claes is definitely a great journalist ?

  • Bif is a force to be reckoned with! Has been one of my favourites since “Moment of Weakness” and “Spaceman” came out. Love that she is still just as badass!!!

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