No Fanfare by Youth Sector, a cavalcade of energy, youthful swagger and retro stylings

Youth Sector - No Fanfare

Brighton, UK is home to 5 piece outfit, Youth Sector, a cavalcade of energy, youthful swagger and retro stylings. The band recently released single, No Fanfare on March 13th and reviews and shares/likes abound. The single, steeped in jarring rhythms and edgy, analog synth sounds is a lesson in early pop-punk meets new wave.

Youth sector has managed to meld a reckless abandon, rock rhythm section with the avant garde of early Devo and Talking Heads writing and production – and successful it is. No Fanfare is a rhythm section triumph, that’s made clear from the earliest of bars; you’re in for a hell of a drummer and bass guitar ride.

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The single revels in rapid fire vocals and an in-your-face delivery; it’s a high point of the single in fact. Vocally, Youth Sector carries water, maybe even better than that, A+. It’s raspy here and understated there, extremely dynamic, engaging and mixed incredibly well. A real treat for lovers of the various genres that it spans. Lead vocal tone is fairly original, I mean, it doesn’t “sound” like anybody and that’s kind of a refreshing part of this track. Another release from these guys, Renting Spaces is worth a pick-up for your playlists. We’d probably be interested in a full-length album from these guys, after all, their music has an ability to put us in a mood, a different time and place, sometimes I found myself wanting more time in that space. Would have been a quarantining blast! 

Coda: Young Poet Records looks promising, a London label. Had a listen to other acts on the label and they certainly have the cultivation knack. Worth a stop as you’re foraging for new music.

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