TOLEDO – Lovely travels lightly and evokes a sort of mysticism that great songs do

Toledo - Lovely

Brooklyn-based indie troubadours, TOLEDO released their newest single, Lovely on March 26 on all streaming platforms. At first pass the single bodes well, it travels lightly and evokes a sort of mysticism that great songs do. Lovely is no exception. A digital rhythmic backbone, does not necessarily mean the song will live in digital isolation. In fact, Lovely lives quite the alternate lifestyle.

Rooted deeply in the organic, TOLEDO mixes a wonderful humanistic quality with their digital rhythm section. TOLEDO are storytellers, putting the plot before prose in most cases. Unsuspecting word exchanges are what makes this songwriting personal and near and dear to unsuspecting listeners.

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This is clever indie music, smart rock, whatever you want to label it, it’s song centric and lyrically forward for those who are interested. Lovely’s production is simple, it appears simple anyway. Living beneath this well-metered track is incredible production. Changes in effects, addition of new sonic meanderings and the ethereal is alive and well here.  Lush pads and muted horns are snuck in and out of the listener’s mix while understated vocals tell storybook lines. The reader pauses and shows the group the illustrations; it’s that kind of experience.

We wish TOLEDO well with their new single, after all, it’s a cold dark world out there and this art is a front-line combatant.


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  • Great vibe to this song, so uplifting. Love the storytelling and music production. Cool track Toledo!

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