Getting Older by Kane Miller, an unabashed exploration of love, loss and remorse that feels all too familiar and deeply personal

Kane Miller - Getting Older

As I sit here writing this, 3 weeks after Kane Miller’s single, “Getting Older” was released on the 13th March 2020, it is unfathomable that this song isn’t blazing a trail over the airwaves… yet.

Distinctly different from the heavily weighted songs populating mainstream music, it is a jolt of pleasure to hear new music this refreshingly uncomplicated and unadulterated.

“Getting older” is powerful in its simplicity. It is raw in its unabashed exploration of love, loss and remorse that feels all too familiar and deeply personal.

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The song is a haunting terrain marked by regret and the unforgiving nature of time. But despite its depth, Miller gently entwines lyrics and music together to draw you into a biosphere of nostalgia, reflection and insight.

There is no pretentious overcompensation with smoke and mirrors. This is a guileless consummate romance between mellow acoustics and lyrics of such poignancy.

And it works.

“Getting older” is easily the type of song you’ll pick to play on long road trips. The kind of song which is that particularly endearing genre of the man with a guitar baring his soul to the world. Think John Mayer, Damien Rice, Ben Harper, David Gray and you are in the right zip code. It will have you belting out loud along with it and leave you aching with nostalgia when it is over.

Suffice to say, “Getting older” has a timelessness to it that will have you coming back again and again.

About the artist:

Kane Miller lives in Lakefield, Ontario, Canada. From the age of 7, he began training as a classical violinist and went on to successfully compete and play in orchestras. Besides the violin, Miller also plays the piano as well as several other instruments. He has been in active collaboration with Grammy-Winning producer Femke Weidema and released his first single, “All we need” in August 2017 and his second single, “Could it be” in 2018.

Kane Miller

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