Max García Conover – Handsome Suit | Full of meaning, lyrically balanced

Acoustic, folky vibes from singer-songwriter Max García Conover’s latest release.

Max García Conover - Handsome Suit

Hailing from Portland, Maine, singer-songwriter, Max Garcia Conover’s latest offering transports the listener into a world of snow, and family and is named for the red suit used in the cover photo (see above).

Using lyrical conventions of pastoral folk contradict with a story of almost country-style brevity, Conover brings alive the reality of living in society today. Full of contrary statements and attempts at finding belonging “Handsome Suit” is a journeying song. On final listening, you feel you have seen a snippet into someone else’s world.

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A strong, yet beautifully simplistic, record, his first in two years, marks out Conover as someone to watch. This song would be at home in a playlist for a day spent lounging with new-age folk such as Johnny Flynn, Laura Marling and maybe some Nick Drake for good measure. Ballard like story-telling transports the listener into the 90s haze of snowy days and striving for place.

Max Garcia Conover’s music brings a repose, rare in music today. Full of meaning, lyrically balanced, he emerges from this track as a deft storyteller and someone to watch.  

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