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Ravennas have released their fifth single to date, “Raven Signal” ft. Makenna, a dream-pop track with a spaced-out vibe. Ravennas is two Seattle based best friends (since childhood) Paul and Ben who released their first single in 2018. DoM (the indie-popper who made a splash with his 2010 EP Sun Bronzed Greek Gods) produced the band’s first two singles including ‘Washed Away’ which was featured on Fresh Finds.

With 5 singles released over two years, the sound of the band has found comfortable footing pairing tender melodies with rich chord progressions, and mellow vocals. Their 2019 ode to Lennon and Brian Wilson “Scene #9” was in rotation on KEXP. Their latest release, “Raven Signal,” features Makenna Grace DeCaro, a girl Ben met while shopping in a vinyl store.

“We had this smokey summer in Seattle from forest fires and it created lethargic energy making it hard to get out of bed, said Ben Grant. “That’s what inspired the lyrics. What we’re most excited about is collaborating on this song with a girl I met in a vinyl store. She had never released anything before so we got together to experiment on an unfinished demo. She has an awesome unpolished voice.”

Ben Grant from Mill Valley, California, and Paul Dutton from Bellevue, Washington, met for the first time in elementary school. Ben moved to the Pacific Northwest and the pair were fast friends, bonding over music and an early fixation with Rivers Cuomo. Paul stayed in the PNW and earned a degree in classical music composition while Ben moved to Los Angeles and later to New York City before returning to Seattle in 2016 and launching the Ravennas project.


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