Old Boy by Carousel Club is as equally blissful as it is deceivingly bashful

carousel club old boy

Old Boy is about time and space circulating around us,” the Carousel Club’s enigmatic frontman Ryan Cornelius says, describing the band’s new single’s meaning and creation. “It is about standing together as one with the people you love and supporting one another through the rollercoaster that is our day to day lives all leading to the inevitability that time will set you free.”

            For fans already familiar with alt-J, San Cisco and Spacey Jane, Old Boy represents something of a radical new turn for this Melbourne based five piece, consisting of longtime friends, Ryan Cornelius, Mathew Stott, Eileen-Grace, Jakob Kagan and George Rat.

            The much anticipated follow-up to Calling You, the new single has a mesmerisingly groove-filled bass line woven around and between a hypnotically alluring beat of drums, and all coloured with the beseeching vocals from Ryan and Eileen Grace in perfect alignment, and joined, they reveal, by the effortless falsettos of Peter Simonsen (Cousin Tony’s Brand New Firebird).

“We are expanding our sun-drenched indie pop sounds,” the band explain excitedly whilst discussing their brand new single, the ideas drawn from the indie-rock and jangle-pop traditions that have so inspired them, all the while determined to stick true and fast to what they are all about as a group; “sun-dappled hooks and cooing vocals.”

            With well-received singles such as Bitter, Lost It, Sweeter and Calling You already in their bedazzling back catalogue, Carousel Club’s sound has now brought the new age band to the attention of those of us outside Australia, and is quickly winning them a worthy reputation, for their songs are dreamy and yet highly energetic with soul-filled grooves that hark back to a past, and with sing-a-long choruses that they promise will, “live inside your head, rent free”, for a long time to come.

            Old Boy is as equally blissful as it is deceivingly bashful, with the looping guitar sounds layered over sweeping synths, and created with their long-time collaborator and favourite producer Michael Belsar, whose influence and style can be heard throughout.

Old Boy,” the band revealed, “reflects sharply on relationships and the ache and anxiety caused by isolation of the lockdowns.”

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  • “Old Boy” makes me want to steal a car and drive it really fast down the highway with the windows down and the radio blaring! Has that Beck vibe to it.

  • Yo, this song is awesome. I love the bass riff. Very catchy. Thanks for sharing, pals!

  • This is a cool band. “Old Boy” gives me a very Wilco-“Spiders (Kidsmoke)”-ish vibe. Great songs, both of them.

  • This song, “Old Boy”, gives me a very Wilco-“Spiders (Kidsmoke)”-ish vibe. They’re great songs, both of them.

  • Fantastic song! Love the vibey nature of it. That bass line is fantastic too! Gonna check out more of their music

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