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Irene Conti’s brand new music video will tell you the story of a life lived behind a window

Irene Conti

A retrospective view of a life lived behind a window. This is the main story of Irene Conti’s debut music video for her new album “The World in Front of Me”. It may sound very familiar to what many people are experiencing right now because of the lockdown measures due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

“Having written it over a year ago, it just wasn’t meant to be a song about life during the lockdown,” said Irene.
But its meaning is terribly close to what is happening right now to many of us: that feeling of living their own life as a spectator, unable to act and become its main character.

The result is a nostalgic-sounding video that could have been shot for a Hollywood film from the 1960s.

Directors of the day would happily add this piece of music to their soundtracks for Ben Walker’s stunning arrangement alone. The song is further enhanced by the beauty of Maya McCourt’s cello (add instrument here) playing and by Irene Conti’s captivating vocals.

The music video is now available on her Official Youtube channel

Listen to ‘The World in Front of Me’ on Spotify.


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