Where’s the party at? The Bolokos are here with White Rum

The Bolokos - White Rum

When you think about it, the opportunities for moshing in a punk pit in this world have been pretty vast. The Clash. The Ramones. Social Distortion. Crass. Bands from all over the place on both sides of the Atlantic. But a punk outfit hailing from the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe singing about white rum? Yep, that’s a thing. And what a great, loud, fun thing it is.

‘White Rum’ is not that far removed from its alcoholic cousin. It’s pure in its punkness for a start; that first thrashed note and drum beat lets you know there’s not going to be any time to slowly sip and savour it – this is an instant hit to your brain. But don’t think this is an angry, your-mother-wouldn’t-like-it punk song. It’s got the passion and spark you’d expect from this genre of music for sure, but instead of waiting to spit vitriol into the air, you’re going to be taken swiftly by the scruff of the neck and dragged into the fray for three minutes of uninterrupted, relentless bouncy joy. Because with lyrics like ‘We’re drinkin’ white rum in the hot sun / Come on, join us you’ll see you’ll have fun…’ how could you not want to jump up and down?

The Bolokos have been making punk music for over a decade; their first LP was released in 2019 and was the first punk rock record to come out of Guadeloupe. So they, like the long line of punk royalty, know a thing or two about hard work to get themselves and their obvious talents showcased. And as music fans, we should love the fact that there’s a new sound to enjoy, because you can never have too many punk fans, can you?

Listen to it now and hear for yourself the love that has gone into every chord. It’s close to The Clash’s ‘White Riot’; electric and heartfelt, but with more feeling the sun on your face and a lot less politics and brick-throwing. ‘White Rum’ is literally all spirit. A shot or two and it will go straight to your head. And your heart.

The Bolokos

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  • Love this post and the name these guys have chosen for themselves! Keep sharing underground music for the likes of us to hear! 🙂 Loved the selection of photos and how well they matched the writting!

  • Oh, if only more bands wouldn’t take themselves and everything so serious. Thank you for introducing me to The Bolokos! Too bad there’s no rum in my cupboard.

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