Hi Frisco knows the secret to full-bodied song production with new single Headspin

Hi Frisco - Headspin (ft. Charlotte Spiral)

Today’s sounds come compliments of Hi Frisco, a Blackpool and Yorkshire-based Indie-psych duo, knee-deep in their successful songwriting/producing careers. August 25th was the release date for single, Headspin with the rest of the album, Goodbye, Blue Monday lurking in the wings for its October 9th release.

Headspin features the seductive and breathy vocal addition of Charlotte Spiral aka Amy Spencer, another outfit that have been introduced through a mutual friend to Hi Frisco. Headspin the single features the full gamut of audible availabilities. It wastes no time letting the listener know that the entire spectrum of human hearing will be used and used effectively. It’s rich and grandiose bottom-end gets to work immediately on your senses as do crisp, trebly vocal inflections and percussive sizzle; Hi Frisco knows the secret to full-bodied song production.

Hi Frisco
Hi Frisco

Ethereal layering and well-chosen synth pop stylings adorn this modern-day love song. Lackadaisical vocal deliveries are behind the beat and phrased in the unhurried, revealing lyrics between the beats rather than competing with them for space – always refreshing.  Headspin is a pop chorus tour d’ force though. Its lush refrains and weaving harmonies are the real story here. Beatle-esque by nature some of the time, but Hi Frisco’s own shuffling and dealing of the deck regardless.

There are a few slinky and slick chord changes in the second verse and outro of the track that really dispense a dose of the unexpected into this single; there’s art in those hills! Hi Frisco knows the value of great dynamics, their verses and choruses are separated neatly for the listener to enjoy every morsel of the layering being presented. I’m also a huge fan of the bass/synth on this track, the almost funky line portrays a humanistic feel in a song that is largely electronically based. It’s a really great juxtaposition that was an intriguing stop for this reviewer. Psychedelic might be too broad of a stroke for this duo, I mean, it is, in part, but there’s much more going on here that will surely please a wide listening audience.

We’re definitely poised and excited for the release of Goodbye, Blue Monday on October 9th, following this duo in whatever direction they might be taking us.

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