‘Paradise’ by Fialta is an eerie, captivating blend of blues infused gospel

New single, new sound

There is no doubt new single “Paradise’ from California based indie band Fialta is a marked departure from their previous works. Enough so that the band wasn’t sure whether the song was a natural fit for their upcoming new album.

“We’ve always been eclectic in our sound. This is a big departure from anything we’ve ever written before. But I love this song. I was immediately drawn to the rootsy, gospel vibe,” says Beth Leibovich, who sings lead vocals on the track.

Fortunately for us, the band decided to include the song. ‘Paradise’ released on November 20, is their fourth single for 2020. It is trippy, and haunted, a feeling highlighted by the inclusion of church organs, live horns and bluesy guitars. Infuse some quirky synth with Beth’s fragile vibrato and power rock vocals and you find yourself drawn into an hallucinatory musical trip.


That eerie, haunting aspect is not surprising given the song has its origins in the works of Dante. Also, Paradise, home to a ravaging wildfire in 2018 (not far from where the band is now recording) lends it name to the title. Michael and David explain:

 “When we were working on these lyrics, Sarah was reading Dante’s Inferno, quips Michael Leibovich, who played organs and trumpet on the track. “It sorta leaked it’s way in. Musically, we also wanted to evoke that sense of confusion and ecstasy and horror.”

“Like so many people in California, we are really haunted by the horror of what happened in Paradise,” adds David Provenzano (guitars, backing vocals). “Sometimes it’s the most beautiful places that are also the most dangerous. For the last several summers, here in California, we’ve all had one foot in heaven and one foot in hell.” 

The recording of the track further solidifies the connection to a hellish inferno. Recorded during the height of summer in Chico California, it was too hot during the day to lay down tracks in the small studio. Beth Leibovich opted to sing her more demanding parts at midnight in the still sizzling heat:

 “Beth tracked this in the middle of the night in a boiling hot studio. We were all drinking tepid Tecate and sweating,” Sarah Shotwell (backing vocals) says. “Halfway through the song, she stripped off her clothes and sang the rest in her underwear.” Leibovich shrugs. “It was hot, okay? I’m not sorry.” 

The result of this diverse mix of inspiration and recording techniques, evocative lyrics and melody is the atmospheric weightiness that is ‘Paradise’.


Fialta (Beth Leibovich, David Provenzano, Michael Leibovich, and Sarah Shotwell) are a four-piece indie pop/rock band from Southern California. The two couples formed a tight creative alliance in 2011, producing two albums Shadow of a Drought (2016) and Summer Winter (2013). Each album showcases a different musical aspect of Fialta, proving this is a band that is not afraid to grow or experiment with their craft. ‘Paradise’ continues that eclectic styling, adding layers of creativity and depth in both words and music.

The band is popular online, particularly Spotify with over two million streams, and has gained the attention of Nerdist and Paste. Their music has also featured on several TV Shows and adverts. The group are not adverse to mixing it up in their live performances either, often setting up duelling vocals and swapping instrumental roles.

Lose yourself in ‘Paradise’, and when done head over to one of the sites (below) and immerse yourself in the backlog of this talented band. Fialta’s new album is due for release on New Year’s Day 2021.

Listen to Fialta at: spotify ; soundcloud ; apple.com; deezer.com

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