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Christmas? Maybe Next Year…

A Christmas song for a year that’s gone wrong – Manx indie-folk band, Biskee Brisht, released their new Christmas single, ‘(Christmas) Maybe Next Year’, Friday 27th November.

On the little island in the middle of the Irish Sea, something very special is happening. As the world locks down to cling to what’s left of this year’s Christmas, in the Isle of Man, the music scene has had an exciting resurgence. The island has been COVID free and living normally since June, allowing 8-piece indie-folk band, Biskee Brisht, to create and record their first Christmas single.

After a year full of struggle and disappointment, there seem to be two ways of thinking about this Christmas. The first is the ‘making up for lost time’ camp, who are channeling all their energy into making this the best Christmas ever, to compensate for a terrible year. The second is the ‘given up all hope’ camp who realise they won’t get to see their loved ones this year and are quietly trying to get on with it all. ‘(Christmas) Maybe Next Year’ is for the latter. The song is dedicated to everybody who’s missing someone this year, everyone that is dreading this Christmas, and everyone hoping for a better one next year.

The song is, in fact, joyous and sad all at once. Biskee Brisht count themselves very lucky to be living on the Isle of Man, where they’ve been able to create this record all together in the studio. There are not many places on the planet right now where a large group can come together – in person – to record, so it’s an amazing achievement for the island that they’re in this position. In fact, so many people were involved in the track, they broke Ballagroove Studio records for the most people in the studio at once and the most individual tracks in one recording! The song is packed full with layers of violins, brass, cello, guitars, percussion, bells and even a children’s choir.

The Christmas single follows Biskee Brisht’s well received debut album ‘Stand in the Sea’, released July 2020. The song was recorded, mixed and mastered in Ballagroove Recording Studio and has been funded by the Isle of Man Arts Council.

So if your Christmas plans look like they’re falling apart, then join in with Biskee Brisht and sing, maybe next year.

You can listen to ‘(Christmas) Maybe Next Year’ from Friday November 27th on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Youtube and more.

Find Biskee Brisht on Instagram.

Ruby Biscoe-Taylor
Ruby is the front woman and songwriter of Manx Indie band, Biskee Brisht. Currently obsessed with: colourful knitwear, indie xmas songs and her three cats.

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