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Peter Nemeth’s ‘Believe’ has been recorded straight from the heart and is a stunningly intimate album.

Written to inspire and motivate others, ‘Believe’ is the beautiful and healing debut album from Australian country rocker Peter Nemeth. Following a divorce and family separation, Peter Nemeth recorded these songs as a way of communicating with his children. Recorded using money awarded by the Australian government to compensate Peter from the institutional abuse he suffered as a child, this album shines a light on mental health and the unseen struggles around us. Keeping his lyrics honest and real, ‘Believe’ has been recorded straight from the heart and is a stunningly intimate album.

Growing up on the inner city streets of Melbourne, Peter Nemeth found comfort and solace in the music room of an orphanage, and began a lifelong love for music and writing. “My music is designed to help people to believe in themselves and in their dreams & to also help heal those who have fallen away from life.” explains Peter who writes for others as much as for himself, as he recognises the healing power of music. ‘Believe’ will be his debut full length album.

Peter Nemeth
the authorPeter Nemeth
Hi everyone, I am a singer/songwriter located on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. I have over 30 years experience playing many different genres of music and I have now released my first album "Believe". I am a survivor of PTSD and I suffered from a lot of fear and anxiety along with drug and alcohol dependency for many years. I wrote this album for my children & for other people to help inspire and motivate them to chase their dreams and to face the challenges of life. My desire is to keep the music honest and real. I wrote these songs straight from my heart and I am excited about what the future holds.

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