Nax – Sing Me A Song

At first listen Nax’s new single “Sing Me A Song” is a simple pretty song with a catchy sing a long chorus. I initially listened to it a couple times without much thought but then subsequently caught myself singing it while doing the dishes or waiting in line for my necessary morning espresso.

A couple days later I went back and read Nax’s bio that accompanied the release and that’s when the song began to take its unique shape. Xander Stok (The Dutch singer/songwriter who embodies Nax) first achieved musical success nine years ago with the Dutch metal band The New Shining and while recovering from a mental breakdown he began writing personal acoustic songs as a method to deal with the darkness of depression. In 2014 he secluded himself in his personal studio and proceeded to write an impressive canon of 200 songs. “Sing Me A Song” was chosen as one of the fifteen for his most recent album “Heart Fire Home”.

There’s nothing complicated about this song and its strength is in its simplicity. The purity of emotion is allowed the space it needs.In his bio, Stok is quoted saying:

“I have never really felt at home in this world and harbour a strong sense of longing for my real home – what the Welsh call ‘Hiraeth.”

That quest for home and belonging is universal and culturally our lives are bound within this narrative. His personal experience adds important context and depth to the lyrics. As the drums kick in during the second verse he sings, “I don’t want to be alone” and the chorus becomes an urgent plea for connection and release. The fragile tenderness of his voice grows stronger throughout the song and by the end, it commands the lyrics with anthemic strength. “Sing Me A Song” is a beautiful request for each of us as individuals to share ourselves in the collective longing to find footing in Hiraeth. ?

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