Nuns of the Tundra – Float Away

Floating through the sky, contemplating the life that could have been. Looking back on a relationship gone awry, or on life in general. What’s this about, it surely isn’t an ordinary love song, is it? All will be revealed in 6 minutes in “Float Away” by Nuns of the Tundra

Imagine if Josh Homme and Dave Grohl got together and started binge listening to Stone Temple Pilots and decided to record a 90s alternative rock track fuelled with floaty, atmospheric vibes. I’m pretty sure “Float Away” is a track they would have happily written together.

Nuns of the Tundra released their new track on September 28th and is released on a 4 track EP alongside this video release. It marks a different direction from their usual heavy sound and is influenced by artists like Wolf Alice and Porcupine Tree. Nuns of the Tundra (awesome band name) have a tour in October, starting in Bristol on October 4th at the Louisiana, Worcester on the 10th will be their EP launch at the Marrs Bar and on October 27th they’ll be playing Camden at Dublin Castle.
Nuns of the Tundra have mastered storytelling to perfection with this almost theatrical, cinematic song and the music video to go with this track proves this. The mesmerizing, atmospheric guitar strumming in the verses, is accompanied by distinctive, confident and expressive vocals. The chorus, however, is what instantly takes this song to the next level with harmonizing vocals and the characteristic heavily distorted, still melodic guitars.
What was and wasn’t real
Is lost and never found
And all that could have been
Lies hidden underground
Above the endless oceans
The clouds don’t make a sound
Then all will be revealed
?And ripped right from you
“Float Away” should definitely be added to your playlist, if you’re a fan of alternative rock. Nuns of the Tundra are a competent, powerful and solid foursome. With just over 6 minutes it might be a bit much for fans of ‘radio ready rock’, but who cares? It’s awesome!
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