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Jane Telephonda – Boson of Love

Boson of Love, the new single release from Icelandic band, Jane Telephonda is just what I needed the other morning while sitting down contemplating what it is I was going to do with my day.

Boson of Love is the kind of track that magically captures any indie fan and decides for them: They’ll be listening to this track all day, or at least coming back to it 5 or 6 times. Rolling piano, mid-range flutes and constant layering both vocally and instrumentally make Boson of Love a must for your most pensive playlists. Captivating and poignant lyrically, the single winds its way through your psyche until its end, where it leaves you wondering, not sure about what, but wondering all the same.

Jane Telephonda has a trippy but crafty video on You Tube to accompany the single; definitely worth seeking out if you have a moment. For fans of early Wilco, Mazzy Star, The Smiths and Guster.

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