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What Do the Kids Say? – No Small Children

On the back of their Ghost-busting success, No Small Children have released their new album ‘What Do The Kids Say?’ Made up of three teachers, Lisa Pimental, Nicola Berlinsky and Joanie Pimental, the album brings us on a nostalgic trip of late 90s Pop-Rock that keep you on your feet, singing along and thinking about past, present and the future.

The eight-track album contains the bands’ three singles: Radio, It’s All For Love (For Goodness Sake) and I’m So Concerned. While sticking with their bouncy rock vibe, each track has its own spin, even mixing in Latin influences and electro-instruments, while discussing important topics to really make you connect and feel their passion.

Do shredding guitars and punchy beats sound familiar? First track, Radio, starts us off with a retro feel to Pop-Rock with a fun, quick rhythm that will get stuck in your head and bring you back to a carefree, energetic time, no matter your age. It really is one to blast in the car with the windows down to get you pumped.

Changing up the pace, the band share their worries in ‘I’m So Concerned’. While bringing in an R&B power, these teachers talk about how they feel towards education and the lives of children, pushing their album title to ask what the children think. The slower pace really draws attention to the engaging topic but builds up to an eruption of passion and frustration later on. With each change of emotion, this track never gets boring.

The album shows a journey from wild, young moments to times of deep questioning, yet no matter the tone, they always pull it off with dominant electric guitars and a pounding of drums that showcase the bands’ intensity. A wide range of influences and styles ensures that even if Pop-Rock isn’t your usual go-to, you’ll find something to love.

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Chloe is a media, creative writing and journalism student in England who loves to explore new music and share her opinions. With a creative interest, she aims to follow a career in media and discover new arts of all kinds. She enjoys listening to Pop, Rock, Electro and even foreign music such as Korean and Portuguese. Through For the Love of Bands, she gets to discover new genres and songs, giving her a wide range of inspiration.

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