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Alternative pop (also known as indie rock or indie pop) is pop music that blends unusual or contrasting genres and musical styles together, creating an amalgam that differs radically from the usual pop or bring foreign elements to the genre.

Music holds a special place in the world and is a therapy most people overlook. Me myself, I am a die hard old school fan, Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B. I had the pleasure to go out of my normal genre and experience Alternative Pop and I have to say I was very impressed.


MILKK, The trio consist of Pat Kiloran, John Ogelby and Jack Vondrachek. They are Nashville, Tennessee natives who have quickly taken Social Media by storm in the Indie Pop Era. In a little over a year they have scaled enough fans to make their love for music full-time. They signed with Good Time Records back in August. They are currently on their second EP “If You’re Reading This and I Love You” that released back on June 15th. I Just wanted to express how I really love the single “Leaving-The smooth mellow sounds relaxes you and the vocals are strong and send a strong message about being in a relationship. Sometimes we do all that we can do and sometimes although it hurts we have to Leave that particular situation to better ourselves. Leaving is powerful. Leaving will be another hit for their growing fans.

MILLKK was previously featured on Spotify’s “Indie Shuffle” and Fresh Finds Poptronix playlist and will soon be on everyone’s playlist by the end of 2018. Dedication and hard work always prevail and they have done an exceptional job for an independent artist trying to make waves amongst the other artist already making hits.

Here is the video of their song “Leaving”

The members of MILKK are taking full advantage of their resources, while also producing and writing heartfelt music their fanbase love. So when your browsing your spotify of indie artist and come across MILKK do not ignore them. You’ll be missing out on something real and amazing.

Catch them on their Social Media Here: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, and Their Website which has their current tour dates and releases.

Check out ‘Leaving’ and discover more awesome new music on our New Music Spotify playlist.

LaToria Bolden
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