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Lazy Indie Morning ? ? ? – Choon Playlist

For years, Spotify has been the go-to place to follow and stream playlists. Yes, it’s still a great platform but in this quickly changing music world, it’s important to use other platforms as well.

Now there’s a new player on the market: Choon. Just a few days ago, the 10,000th track was uploaded, showing it’s already becoming a not-to-be-ignored platform.

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Choon is a music streaming service and digital payments ecosystem—designed to solve the music industry’s most fundamental problems. Tired of earning nothing for your music on Soundcloud and Spotify? Upload your tracks to Choon and join a community of musicians reinventing the music industry.

The best thing about Choon? As an independent artist you’ll earn NOTES when listeners stream your music. As a curator, you’ll earn NOTES as well, when listeners stream your playlist(s). That way, it’s a win-win situation for both indepenent musicians and curators. We’ll explain about Choon in more detail in future Industry Tips blog posts.

Lazy Indie Morning ? ? ?

Release date: July 11th, 2018

One of the first playlists we’ve started curating on Choon, is Lazy Indie Morning. With chill indie vibes to start and enjoy your day more relaxed than you have ever had. Enjoy the best (new) Indie Pop & Folk, Singer-Songwriter and Dream Pop crawled up in bed or on the couch. Sipping your espresso as you start your day.

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Currently on the playlist

CoastlineShavon Bonnie Legion
Take Me With YouShavon Bonnie Legion
In Our HandsMichael Dietrich
Right And Wrongcloudsoutloud
A Homeless PrayerMichael Dietrich
Home To MeDaniel Champagne
Back To Nova ScotiaDaniel Champagne
RestlessDarren Claxton
HookedTaylor Renee
No Place Like HomeSkyline Tigers
Syrian SongSkyline Tigers
Moon Hanging LowSerena Matthews
Changed AgainDarren Claxton
When Your Head’s A MessJacob George Band
Uncharted RoadCloudsOutLoud
Stand Alone TogetherCloudsOutLoud
Chasing LightThe Turtle Project
Beyond My ControlThe Turtle Project
Everyting For NothingJames / Cook
Night In JuneWhy Monkey
The Break-Up SongJoe Uzzo
I’ll Find SomeoneJoe Uzzo
Mer AmèreEverest
Waiting On A RaincloudDarren Claxton
Last DimeCaroline Guske
Pictures Slide Deep InsidePeter & Elle / Ray Chapman
Always A RebelJon Magnusson
Ode To A FriendJon Magnusson
Wake UpJuxta
Time Only Moves In One DirectionJonathan Mann
Time Is In My HandsBrent Brown
All About YouAnother Color Of Gray
That’s The WayBoats
Forest PumpJeffguitar
Sweet Little ThingJeffguitar
BrokenRed Cure
Visa Fran UtanmyraJon Magnusson
Face Of The LionMr. Rose
Luces Del NorteNostos
Fold Into YourselfJonathan Mann
City LiesTrue Hights
Dawn In HonoluluJim Swan
You’re Not AloneRay Chapman
The Same PathThe Reverse Engineers

Feat. Steemians @michaeldietrich @soundlegion @micmastery @darrenclaxton @paintingangels @michaelgarfield @theturtleproject @whymonkey @kahsay @peter-ella @jonmagnusson @juxta (@atomcollectorrecords) @ade-greenwise @jeffandhisguitar @misterrose @nostosmus

the authorRoel Wensink
Roel started ForTheLoveOfBands to provide bands and artists with a platform to get their music heard and provide tips gathered along the way. Being a musician himself, he knows how hard it is and how much time it takes to promote your newly recorded gems.


  • I’m very excited for the possibilities of blockchain and the music industry to help innovate and keep spotify from just getting even larger and more powerful. This seems promising–who doesn’t love a win win?

  • I think streaming is a double edged sword. As much as it has helped sway people to pay for music, which is a tall order in the 21st century, it still has a lot to answer for. The fact that record companies and third party distributors, such as Spotify, take such a large cut from the pocket of musicians, is a difficult pill to swallow for the small independent artist(s). I understand the concept behind Choon and hope that it is successful. But crypto currency just doesn’t seem like the ideal solution to me.

  • Blockchain seems to be the best solution we have to try to find value again in our work. Being rewarded with fiat paper money, and fractions of a cent per stream make creating things in an expensive world, really a difficult task. I am hopeful that blockchain can get outside of that centralized complex and help artists distribute their creative work at a market value that is real.

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