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How to transfer playlists and favourites between Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube and more

How to transfer playlists and favorites between Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube and more

If you want to expand your playlist outreach, having your playlists featured on more than one streaming platform is key. Whether you’re an independent artist with a band-curated playlist, label, blog or music lover you can do this. For this, you have to transfer your playlists across different platforms. One way of getting the playlists you have on Spotify to Apple Music is to manually search and add to the new playlists on Apple Music. If you don’t have anything else to do, this might work for you. Luckily there are easier ways to transfer Spotify playlists to Apple Music or vice versa. In this article, we’ll walk you through different free methods and playlist converters. Some, like Soundsgood, even have a shareable player and website widget for you to display your playlists.

We’ll discuss Soundsgood, TuneMyMusic, Free Your Music and Soundiiz.

After reading this article, you’ll be able to transfer playlists between all major streaming platforms and convert Spotify to Apple Music, YouTube to Spotify, Tidal to Soundcloud, Deezer to Spotify and so on.

Before we start, we would like to recommend VideoProc to download and convert video playlists. If you want to create videos with a single click, add subtitles, transcribe audio and more, try VEED!

Transfer playlists with TuneMyMusic


TuneMyMusic supports many platforms. The sources they support are Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer, Tidal, Google Music, Amazon Music, Soundcloud, KKBOX, Last-FM and Napster. According to TuneMyMusic,

Not so long ago we stored our music in records, radio cassettes, discs and our MP3 players. We always carried our music with us. Today, There is no more need for that, we use streaming services. But what happens if you want to switch from one service to another, and move all your music from Spotify to Deezer? or when you find a great YouTube playlist but you want to listen to it in Spotify? or maybe you just want to upload your local MP3 library to your favourite streaming service? TuneMyMusic solves exactly that.

The benefit of TuneMyMusic is that you don’t have to register to start converting your playlists. Simply click Let’s Start on the homepage, select the source (e.g. Spotify) and connect to TuneMyMusic. Copy and paste the URL (or load from your library), select the tracks (or all) you want to transfer and select destination platform, e.g. Apple Music. Finally, start moving your music. It takes a few seconds or minutes depending on the size of your playlist and your playlist is live on the new platform.

Transfer playlists with Soundiiz



With Soundiiz, you can connect all your favourite music platforms and, for example, convert playlists from YouTube to Spotify or Apple Music to Tidal etc. Soundiiz comes with a free plan, or you can upgrade to a premium plan for $3 per month (billed annually) which gives you a few advantages like transferring your playlists in one time, manage your albums/artists/tracks and syncing of your playlists. The free version (only) lets you connect streaming platforms and convert playlists one by one. Find all differences here.

Soundiiz supports 8Tracks, Amazon Music, Anghami, Apple Music, Audiomack, Dailymotion, Deezer, Discogs, Google Music, Hype Machine, iHeartRadio, iTunes, Jamendo, JioSaavn, JOOX, KKBOX, Last.fm, Napster, Pandora, Playzer, Plex, Qobuz, Slacker Radio, Soundcloud, Telmore Music, Tidal, VK, Yandex Music, YouSee Musik, YouTube and Zvooq.



Transfer playlists with Free Your Music

Free Your Music

Free Your Music is a bit different from the first three because it’s an app. It’s available on desktop, Android and Apple. For this example, we’ve downloaded the desktop version. This one also comes with a free and premium version. For a one-time payment of 8,99 EUR , you’ll get lifetime updates and support. The premium version comes with auto-sync + lifetime updates. Price is 1.57 EUR per month in annual plan (18.89 EUR per year)

The disadvantage of the free version is that you can only convert one playlist and 10 songs per session. With premium both are unlimited.

You now have more than enough knowledge and ideas to transfer playlists across various platforms. Share your playlists in the comments! Happy playlisting.

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  • This was a super helpful post. I’ve never heard of Soundsgood, TuneMyMusic, Stamp or Soundiiz. I really appreciate the time you all took to write to help better inform independent artists!

    • You’re most welcome! Let me know when you’ve transferred playlists using one of these services 🙂

  • I’ve used TuneMy Music and I recommend it. In my opinion its the simplest and quickest and my playlists were transferred without any issues. I started to use it for just uploading my music library to Spotify, but then I used it to go across platforms.

    • Yes, you’re right! TuneMyMusic is indeed very easy to use and quick! The only thing I’m missing there is the ‘update’ option, which e.g. Soundsgood has. Other than that, by far the quickest service out there and a way to instantly without registration transfer your playlists.

  • Very Insightful post! Thank you! Shall certainly be having a play with these over the coming days.
    Hard to believe with 30,000 playlisters I hadn’t heard of soundsgood already. Pardon the joke that every man and his dog have no doubt made already, But it really “sounds good”.

  • Try out MusConv (musconv.com/) to convert your music and playlists into different music platforms. It’s easy-to-use and I’d highly recommend it.

  • Check out AudFree Spotify Music Converter also. It works different from the above ways. It just downloaded Spotify music offline and transfer them to other streaming music services.
    This way allows me to keep my Spotify music files on local devices. So share with you.

  • I recently made the switch from iTunes/Apple Music to Spotify. The challenge for me was that I’ve been on iTunes for over 10 years so I have quite an extensive catalogue of playlists that I don’t want to lose, but I also don’t have the time to recreate them all in Spotify. This article is super helpful and will likely save me countless tedious hours in front of a computer. Thank you!

    • You’re welcome Gio! We’ve been using the premium version of Soundiiz for a while now and does the trick. If you’re looking for a one-time transfer, TuneMyMusic will do the trick just fine 🙂 Cheers!

  • Actually I use Spotify a lot more. And I got a DRmare Spotify Music Converter to help me enjoy Spotify music offline on other apps like Apple Music. You can get more detail about the converter at the DRmare Website.

  • One more tool for playlists transfer between music services:
    telegram bot – transfermusicbot

    Now it supports:
    Youtube (ex Google Play Music)
    Apple music
    Amazon music

    I am an author of the bot, not a spamer)

  • Heyy!
    Its time to save us from abandoning our playlists when msking a shift. Try MusConv.com and I bet you will like it as much as I did

  • I use Soundiiz a lot but it can’t transfer my Spotify podcast episodes to other platforms. I have to use the AudKit SpotiLab which is another simple tool: AudKit.com

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