As We Fall – Something I Can’t Pull You Through

I remember me and my friends taking the train to Amsterdam when we were kids for the sole purpose of buying CDs and expand our ever-growing record collection. It was mainly Punk, Ska Punk and Grunge we were after and whenever we found a rare Ramones, Pennywise, Sex Pistols, Green Day or Offspring edition, we felt as happy as a lark. We even started our own Punk band, playing mainly covers but unfortunately, the real punks in town didn’t think we were punk enough and thought we weren’t allowed to play punk but we stuck to it anyway. I have to admit, we didn’t have Mohawks and wore regular clothes but we drank more beer than any other band. Punk or no punk.

One band that sure as hell is punk enough in all aspects, is ‘As We Fall’. A 5 piece band from Western Sydney. Their new EP  ‘Something I Can’t Pull You Through’ was released on June 15th and contains 3 blistering, energetic, melodic and sordid punk anthems.

As We Fall combine everything that was sonically cool about the late 90s / early zeroes and they do it really well. Right from the first few notes in ‘Alone’, you’ll hear they’re heavily influenced by great bands of this era. The guitar lick reminds me of Sum 41 (which is cool) while still managing to create their own sound. ‘Waste My Time’ is another banger and might be the best track on the EP. Fast, loud, soaring guitars only allowing you to take a short break during the bridge halfway through. Last track is ‘Avalanche’ and is a bit more melodic and contains some emo and pop punk influences.

As We Fall

I can clearly see a big crowd pogoing to these tracks and singing along on the top of their lungs. The only downfall is, that the EP contains only three tracks…

“As We Fall have had a great start to 2018 and they are looking forward to showing you what they have in store”.

All I can say is: bring it on! Looking forward to hearing more!

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