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Soul Pop clearly defines new band “DASH” out of Bozeman, Montana. The vocals are raw but the sound is an easy fit for pop radio. Their Rhythmic funk style will have you on the dance floor and rocking out to the unknown. DASH was founded in February of 2018 and have a love for honest and entertaining lyrics that appeal to everyone. They began writing songs together with a passion for getting people out on the dance floor. They are a blend of funk, soul, rock, and pop. They get their musical influences from James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Led Zeppelin, and the Beatles. All great choices from my point of view!

In October 2018 they released their debut album “SUPER” and are currently touring in support of the album across the northwest. The band members consist of Lead Vocalist Kayti Korte, Vocalist, Guitarist, and Keyboard Ben Morris, Drums Dylan Crittenden, and Bass player Carl Hansen. They are all northwest natives.

“SUPER” is now out via the music platforms below:

My top songs

2.Think About It
3.Free Drinks

They are doing very well for independent artist and have several shows lined up within the next month. Places include Missoula, MT, Moscow, ID, Billings, MT, and more! If you are in the Northwest be sure to check out this awesome band. I especially love Kayti style. I am a huge fashionista and although she is not single fellas, she is definitely a beautiful individual.

Look out for them here:





“DASH” will definitely have a name for themselves! Be sure to support them! Book them!

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