Premiere of Punchy debut single from South Wales band, French Alps Tiger – Tell a Lie

With this single, French Alps Tiger, make it seem like making absolute hits is a walk in the park.

French Alps Tiger - Tell a Lie

South Wales based band French Alps Tiger are crashing onto the music scene with their brand new debut single Tell a Lie that you NEED to listen to. Taking inspiration for their name from an ‘’elusive tiger found only in the French Alps of south wales”, French Alps Tiger comprises of Russ, Duffy, Jess, and Durke.

This slick and professional debut single was created with the help of a friend’s garage studio, mixed by Steffan Pringle and mastered by Charlie Francis. With this single, French Alps Tiger, make it seem like making absolute hits is a walk in the park. Tell a Lie is an excellently polished piece of work by a group who are clearly naturals.

Normally, the part of a relationship we all get nervous about and try to avoid is meeting the parents. But in some situations, you care more about the parents than your significant other. This wavy surf song is about just that. Wanting to break up with someone but your parents just keep you on that hook. Throughout the song, there is a sense of a build-up to something larger-than-life and that idea is met with a wonderfully energetic and killer guitar solo. French Alps Tiger have beautifully created a successful blend of Surf Punk with an obvious Indie vibe.

Tell a Lie is definitely one that’s going to stick in your head, with calmer sing-along moments dragging you into moments that will make you want to get up and dance around the room without a care in the world. With a big indie-pop ambiance, this song is wonderfully layered; making it immensely more interesting than your average indie banger.

French Alps Tiger

They like writing music that reminds them of being kids and playing shows that remind you too. Tell a Lie does just that. With its Surf Punk vibes, it creates a massively nostalgic feeling when listened to; it’s easy to just imagine yourself running around on a beach in summer with a bunch of your mates while this track is playing at full volume, or standing in a field at a music festival having the time of your life.

For fans of Arctic monkeys, Circa Waves, and The Undertones, French Alps Tiger are definitely a band that you’re going to want to listen to and add to your watch list.

Taking inspiration from Wavves and FIDLAR, this slightly rough and edgy sounding song definitely leaves you wanting more and with a gut feeling that this band are going to be ones to watch.

Tell a Lie” is out Friday 14th June,  you can listen to the track on ForTheLoveOfBands first!

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