Micayl – Versailles | Dreamy lyrics match trance-like vocals

‘Versailles’’ easy-going vibe is effortless to indulge in.

Micayl - Versailles

Liverpool-based German native Micayl’s ‘Versailles’ is a dreamy NuJazz banger. A rising star in the NuJazz-LoFi world, Micayl is part of both The Pan-European Music Projects Association and Blue Blood Collective (founded by Spilt Milk Society’s Harry Handford). His sound is instantly comparable to the NuJazz greats like Tom Misch and Loyle Carner.

This chill track features blooming synths, varying tempos, jazzy hi-hats and falsetto harmonies very typical of LoFi. ‘Versailles’’ easy-going vibe is effortless to indulge in. Dreamy lyrics match trance-like vocals: “been feeling like I’m on castle Versailles”, showcasing crisp and inventive production. Harmonic vocals match the instrumentation well, so it’s hardly surprising that multi-talented Micayl is also a regular session pianist and keyboard player for various German and UK artists.

The track’s RnB influence slides in as the lyrical journey shifts to rap: ‘I’ve been running on a leash now for far too long now / Gotta free myself up / Feeling kinda like I’m cooped up in my brain now’. Then, again, the track shifts pace back to its relaxed feel at the song’s conclusion with:  ‘I dive alone monochrome’. The simple internal rhyme of the line is anything but monochromatic- LoFi sounds painting a vivid picture alongside synths and cleverly referencing Micayl’s best-known single: ‘Monochrome’.


Micayl’s sound certainly matches his aesthetic: florals, pastels and washes of colour are pleasant and calming, just like his music. Micayl does lo-fi in a way that feels absorbing. I can imagine listening to ‘Versailles’ on a tropical beach somewhere far far away from rainy London, suspended in a dream-like state in my own version of castle Versailles. Micayl is the brand new one to watch within the NuJazz stratosphere. 

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