Bad Flamingo – Fire is a walk on a dusty trail of simplistic drum machines and hollow, haunting guitar tones.

Forget Oscar Wilde, there’s a new sheriff in town.

Bad Flamingo

Not much is known about Bad Flamingo and I think they like it that way. They’ll pour you their new single in a dirty glass and you’ll drink it and like it. Attitude garners them a seat at your bar, mystery and intrigue keeps them in your sights; they’re masked, but better looking than Kiss.

The single, Fire is a brush with the Alt. Western genre. You know that one right? Fire is a walk on a dusty trail of simplistic drum machines and hollow, haunting guitar tones.  It sets a mood as moody ever gets and leaves you searching your experience for interesting electronica and other sonic pleasures the duo has meticulously waxed.

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There’s a bevy of really cool guitar tracks on this recording; enough to keep purists involved in guessing what is being used and how it’s being amplified. Interesting rolling patterns typically played on a banjo are replaced with synth and maybe even a real banjo at times (I have no idea if what I am listening to anymore is real). But it’s ok, each listen of Fire uncovers something new and refreshing to ponder. The understated is at work here and it’s glorious. Vocally speaking the duo have conjured up a sound that borders on the sensual and beautiful. It’s a successful anachronism when it goes toe-to-toe the cowboy-laden, spaghetti western instrumentation. At the end of the duel, art wins, along with Bad Flamingo.

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Visually, the duo peaks your interest as well. Think about if Johnny Cash had a line at Victoria Secret, not the new Victoria Secret, the old one; it’s that kind of trip. Forget Oscar Wilde, there’s a new sheriff in town.

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Chris Ambrosino
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Chris Ambrosino hails from the Catskill region of New York and has been a performer and songwriter since 1987. He also has worked as an art director and graphic artist for several organizations. Chris currently plays and writes for indie band, Blue Ribbon and is a contributing writer for the Alt. Daily blog and For The Love Of Bands website. He has resided in Hampton Roads, VA since 1994.


  • Bands like these awesome folks and Orvil Peck are definitely bringing a cool vibe to the Folk/country/indie aesthetic.

  • As an artist myself, I have to say I’m glad to discover this song, it is just perfect for my liking, love the relaxing vibe, variety of bass texture, and the video is very unique, love the girls confidence and swag, great art for sure

  • Holy freaking cow, Batman. This is outstanding. “If Johnny Cash had a line a Victory Secret” – exactly. Have to admit, I didn’t know there was an old and a new VS, to be honest. But Chris, I’ll take your word for it. The vocal deal going on here is a slice of perfection. I’m not a Star Wars fan, but somehow I hear this song playing as you walk into one of those bars where all the aliens sit there drinking. They’re so unusual, but yet you can’t stop looking. I’m adding this to my roots rock playlist right now.

  • Super interesting review! The line “sonic pleasures the duo has meticulously waxed” was brilliantly written. Well done Chris & of course, Bad Flamingo.

  • This band has an awesome vibe, with a groovy image too! It’s like modern folk, I could hear this on a Tarantino film anyday.

  • This is so rad!! Really happy I stumbled upon this review. I love the vibe, and when the drums kick in it really sets the groove on fire. The visuals are another killer aspect entirely. Definitely gonna check out more of this group.

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