New Music Podcast Episode 1: An Interview with jazz-inspired multi-instrumentalist Jungle Boy

If you’re looking for something moody and perhaps slightly unusual, a genre blend that immediately sparks curiosity to listen for longer; then jazz-inspired multi-instrumentalist Jungle Boy has just released a track for you.

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Already part of the fiery indie-rock band, After London, drummer Jacob Palmer decided to begin creating his own solo compositions just over a year ago under the name of Jungle Boy. His initial single, ‘Glass’, featured the smooth vocals of CHA:DY and piano lines that depicted melancholic confidence. Now with his latest track, ‘Haunted’, Palmer is pushing the boundaries of musical narratives; weaving a spectacularly dark and riveting storyline between husky vocals and controversial harmonies. 

Jungle Boy

The almost rhapsodic-like structure of ‘Haunted’ could place it within a film, with the final chorus standing out like a crucial juncture in its script. Poetic words sung by unconventionally captivating vocals flow with the ever-evolving instrumentation, almost all of which was actually performed by Palmer himself. This is more than a nice song, it’s a wander into the depths of a peculiar fabrication.

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It seems that successful concept pieces are far and few these days, with failed attempts including those that are just too generic to be identified as unique, free-standing art. But Jungle Boy’s ‘Haunted’ is filled with such dark imagination that it’s been proven difficult for even myself to not think about. I spoke with Jacob Palmer on For The Love of Band’s New Music Podcast to hear more about this incredibly intriguing fiction. Have a listen below to find out to how ‘Haunted’ was conceived.

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