Behind The Music: A Chat with Nicolaas Walle & Lisa Patscheider on “The Irony Of Fate”

The Irony Of Fate

Nicolaas Walle and Lisa Patscheider, a duo separated by countries but united by music, have just released their collaborative single “The Irony Of Fate.” Despite never having met in person, their unique blend of Alternative, Prog and Psychedelic Rock is creating waves. I sat down with Nicolaas to get the inside scoop on their process, the story behind their music, and what drives them.

Q: Where do you come from? What brought you together?

“I moved to The Hague from Ireland roughly in October 2023. Lisa lives in Austria.”

Q: Tell us about one of your tracks, the process behind it, how it came together, why you wrote this song etc.

“The Irony Of Fate was written and recorded collaboratively but remotely. I’ve never met Lisa in person but we connected on Instagram over a mutual appreciation of prog rock music from the 70s. I wrote, performed, and recorded all the instrumental parts, which included drums, bass, and guitar. Lisa wrote the lyrics and the vocal melody having heard the instrumental and came up with an amazing performance of some very poignant lyrics. I mixed and mastered the music independently and we’re both very happy with the result.”

Q: Do you create for yourself or for your fans?

“This is an interesting one because I create for both. I want to give people what I want to get out of music. Music is an almost spiritual thing for me and such an inspiration in my life. I want to make people feel what I feel when I hear my favourite artists and to do that as well as I can, but I wouldn’t make a song I wouldn’t listen to myself. That’s where authenticity and expression go out the window, I think, along with meaning and purpose.”

Q: What colour(s) would your music be like for people who suffer from synaesthesia?

“I think calm blue and green, which is my favourite hue. There’s something soothing about it and that’s how I picture it when I make music that I really like.”

Q: What if you would have to fuse your music into a different genre; what would be the most hilarious one?

“Very heavy Dubstep.”

Q: What is it you would like people to do while listening to your song?

“To focus, maybe close their eyes, unless they’re walking or operating heavy machinery, etc., and dream, relax, see their worries as no bigger than they actually are, to refresh I guess.”

Nicolaas Walle

Q: What is the most hilarious gig you ever performed, why was it so hilarious?

“Years ago, I performed at an open mic gig in the International Bar in Dublin, using backing tracks from my phone. I was playing ‘Parisienne walkways’ by Gary Moore. At one point in the song, there is a long, dramatic pause before he holds a note. The pause was taking longer than expected. Then my father called and my generic ringtone sprung out of the speakers. Since then, I always use airplane mode in those situations.”

Q: What’s your process for dealing with performance anxiety?

“Breathing calmly, rationalizing the situation, and remembering to ultimately have fun and not worry about potential mistakes. What will happen will happen and that’s part of music, especially live.”

Q: What musician/artist/instrument would you like to add to your band?

“Here is my dream band to play in excluding musicians who are sadly no longer with us: Drums: Nate Smith/Benny Greb, Bass: Tony Levin/Geddy Lee, Rhythm guitar: Adrian Belew/Alex Lifeson, Keys: Tony Banks/Patrick Moraz/David Sancious, and Saxophone: Gerald Albright and vocals: Peter Gabriel/John Anderson/Devin Townsend. I’d also love some ambient electronic stuff from Brian Eno sprinkled on top, that would be the icing on the cake.”

Q: What would you do if you made a mistake during a performance?

“Nothing. There is nothing that you can do other than keep playing and do not apologize.”

Q: What is it about music that makes you feel passionate?

“I can’t really say, but if we could answer that question, I don’t think music would have the same wonder and mystery. I just know that it does.”

Q: If you would have to compare your music to an animal, which one would it be?

“Someone once said if I was an animal, I’d be a sad labrador, and that stuck with me. I kind of see the resemblance in that loyalty, honesty, love, and selfless effort are values close to my heart. I think that is reflected in my own music but also helps to keep me engaged when I’m not working alone. They are characteristics that can keep me invested in the piece of music I’m working on. Otherwise, things can feel purposeless.”

Lisa Patscheider

Q: What is your main inspiration?

“As an introvert, I don’t think I could point to external things, except to mirror what I’m feeling myself. I feel like I have a message to convey, which drives me to make music, and that comes from inside, I think. That being said, when I hear other music that resonates with that, it really inspires me to create. For some people, music makes them want to dance. For me, I think it makes me think ‘wow, yeah, I want to do that, but my own way’.”

Q: Are there any musicians who inspire you? What qualities do you admire about them?

“The late Neil Peart of Rush inspires me greatly, but mainly for his lyrics more than his spectacular drumming. I think the lyrics are the stand out part of Rush that put them in a special place for me. The music is fantastic obviously, but there are several moments in Rush songs where the words jump out and strike me in a good way, even if I’ve heard them hundreds of times before. Neil was a heavy thinker and a heavy reader and it shows in his words. He has the most consistently clever catalogue of lyrics I can think of, however they are also the most honest. They speak fundamental truths.”

Q: Who do you see as your main competitor?

“I hate competition, but I’m always trying to do the absolute best I can. Even playing board games, I’d rather lose and have fun. The point is that I want to do well, and then the only standards I can fall short of are my own.”

With “The Irony Of Fate” recently released, Nicolaas Walle and Lisa Patscheider are a testament to the power of collaboration, bridging distances with their music and bringing unique, reflective soundscapes to their listeners.

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