Two weeks in Nashville – Take Control | The band brings the energy and swagger that epitomises the classic Brit-rock band, minus the cynical moodiness of some of their more established influences.

Two Weeks in Nashville

Donning a deadly combo of shades, velvet and cool, impassive stares, T.W.I.N’s promo pics hint at a certain brand of rockstar glam with temperaments to match. However, do not be fooled! For this flamboyant rock ‘n roll aesthetic belies the young group’s earnest core.

These dynamic young rockers are here to haul the UK out of doom and gloom with their uniquely compassionate and uplifting indie anthems. As with their debut single Don’t Give In, the lyrics in Take Control, expand upon the tune’s titular imperative to state a clear and sincere message of encouragement: You can do this. Ultimately, boyish bravado and fedoras aside, Two Weeks in Nashville are not about sex, drugs and all the rest (not yet, anyway).

If you need further convincing of the band’s benevolence, just take a look at their camaraderie on their Insta or Facebook pages. The bandmates are a happy bunch of South-Londoners in their early twenties, fronted by lead vocalist/guitarist Billy LeRiff (kudos to his parents for their powers of prediction) alongside guitarist Marc De Luca, bassist Jonny Faires and drummer Ian Wilson. They’re definitely taking the adage ‘work hard, play hard’ damn seriously. These carefree lads bring the energy and swagger that epitomizes the classic Brit-rock band, minus the cynical moodiness of some of their more established influences; we’re looking at you Oasis.

Two Weeks in Nashville
Two Weeks in Nashville

Fusing head-banging guitar melodies, crashing drums and infectious choruses to make you sway, Two Weeks in Nashville demonstrate they’ve got a firm grip on what’s required for a festival-friendly hit. In Take Control, LeRiff’s roaring vocals lend a pure, emotive force to his triumphant rallying cry. The resulting wall of sound leaves us in no doubt that the lads are a formidable live act. Take Control is unpretentious, a unifying crowd-pleaser which would get a big, warm welcome rock-heavy festivals like Reading and Leeds.

Citing noughties indie cornerstones such as The Killers and Kings of Leon and rock and roll kingpins like The Who as leading influences, T.W.I.N could also be compared with more recent acts like Catfish and the Bottlemen or Circa Waves. The group have already rocked out at sell-out performances at the Camden Assembly and Islington’s O2 Academy. It’s an increasingly competitive world for live acts to make it, but the group’s refreshingly wholesome lyrical content, exultant guitar-led melodies and electrifying stage presence mean that they’re set to take the UK by storm.

Two Week’s in Nashville’s debut album is scheduled for release this summer. Londoners, watch this space for upcoming gigs, they’ll be a riot!

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