Lotusbliss – Carpet | pleasant in its synthy indie dreamscape of longing

Lotusbliss – Carpet

Lotusbliss is the recording project of brothers Seth, Josh and Adam. Conceived in 2018, after the age-old question ‘if you were in a band, what would the name be?’ was asked – lotusbliss was born. Being a Kent native myself, I got a little too excited when I discovered these boys are from Canterbury. Canterbury has always been an iconic part of the British music scene, producing greats such as Slaves, Lucy Spraggan and Moose Blood.

The band are well-versed with performing, after growing up and creating beautiful music together, taking only a year to hone and perfect their sound which they self-describe as ‘wizard music’. Now, lotusbliss are performing all over the South (including bathrooms), fresh on the scene with their debut EP ‘A Good Death Is a Beautiful Thing’. I propose the EP should be renamed ‘A Good Synth Is A Beautiful Thing’ as soft electronic melodies are beautifully woven through the songs.  

Lotusbliss – Carpet

This is certainly true of track 2 of the EP – ‘Carpet’. The song’s unique name is touched on as the protagonist details his floored state: ‘…I’m falling asleep here on the carpet’. The transmission of this song feels strangely familiar yet is still original. The siblings’ voices are mystifying because of their captivating similarity. The lead singer, or perhaps all the singers, croon in a butter-wouldn’t-melt tone, hitting each note perfectly.  The lyrics are vulnerable and deeper than the average ocean but the message is simple:  ‘Why’d you leave me here this way? / Crumbling into the waves’.


Percussion is almost unnoticeable, but appreciated, as it adds another layer to the environment. The song reaches a peak at its bridge and final chorus, piling on harmonies and guitar, pleasant in its synthy indie dreamscape of longing.

Overall, it’s easy to appreciate the multitude of soft sounds in ‘A Good Death Is A Beautiful Thing’ in a Nothing-But-Thieves way, and I know which EP is going to be sound-tracking my pandemic-induced self-isolation.

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