Chasing Pictures by Tribe Friday is a collection of punkish, indie rock, barn-burners, sewn up in one tiny, neat, little package.

Tribe Friday - Chasing Pictures

Swedish outfit, Tribe Friday has a new EP out and it’s the equivalent of the 5-hour energy drink in line at your local convenience store.  This EP is packed with B vitamins, maybe even performance enhancers. Chasing Pictures is a collection of punkish, indie rock, barn-burners, sewn up in one tiny, neat, little package.

Songwriter, Noah Deutschmann pens short and pithy songs containing life experiences and some of his insights into human behavior. He then delivers them via a deft musical outfit, Tribe Friday. The EP opens with the single, Freaky (released Feb 26) and freaky it is. Stylistically speaking, it’s indie glam rock, it contains hues of the great punk acts, but the playfulness and androgyny of the B-52s.

Tribe Friday – Freaky

It’s a little bit of badassery and a little bit of bubble gum – an intriguing combination. The lyrics and music successfully depict an evening that a much younger male, spent with a much older woman and the events that ensued. Freaky is a quick study in the up-tempo and is adorned with the buzziest, fuzziest guitar tones to ever grace a track. Falsetto vocal sections and slick lower harmonies give Freaky an uneasy, uncomfortable feeling, hence the evening at hand. A dissonant guitar solo (superb by the way) only adds to the chaos and impropriety of the event.

The other tracks on the EP are well-crafted as well. Talk So Loud is an exercise in great lyrical melody, Choreograph is caffeinated, ska-like, but Beatle-esque at its heart and chord structure. This is a punchy little EP, a wake-up call to a public that shouldn’t miss this band and their contributions. Tribe Friday is a welcomed addition to our collection.

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