Honest by Caroline Culver | rapidly carving herself a groove in the retro-facing indie genre

Caroline Culver - Honest

Heart searing retro indie vibes from Nashville based singer-songwriter. A welcome melancholic debut from singer-songwriter Caroline Culver, who is rapidly carving herself a groove in the retro-facing indie genre populated by the lyrical stalwarts of Mattiel, Aldous Huxley and others.  

In line with the new generation of the aforenamed female artists, not forgetting an honourable mention to Phoebe Bridges, Caroline Culver’s debut track Honest deals with the challenges and difficulties of working through relationships that increasingly lack definition and expectations, falling invariably into toxicity.  

Musically, production is sound, with strong guitar and vocal arrangement.

Where Honest is most successful is lyrically. Check it out below:

Caroline Culver- Honest

This is a song of contradiction, attempting to be true to self contrasts with lyrics of enacted failure. The exploration of the destructiveness of relationships and the confusion of lyrical message demonstrates the lost potential of “modern” love and is almost nihilistic in its approach.

A strong debut, well-produced, this is a relevant contribution to this elegiac, feminine indie genre. Culver’s ethereal, goosebump-inducing cry out deserves to be heard.

Find out more about Caroline Culver via:


Caroline Culver

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  • It’s ridiculously amazing how many fantastic female artists are rising up these days, turning classic folk and pop traditions upside down and creating something truly unique – and Culver is definitely one of them.

    • We’re gonna see alot more lyric videos during this outbreak, and I don’t think it’s a bad thing, great review.

  • Caroline has a rich, raspy voice that really drew me into this. I love how the song really builds dynamically mid-way through then drops off and returns to the somber, subdued instrumentation.

  • Wonderful to see another “Mama Jan” Smith pupil getting well-deserved recognition! A haunting, emotional song framed by a eloquent and well-said review!

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