Voodoo Bandits want you to let go with Yesterday’s Jam.

Voodoo Bandits

Yesterday’s Jam by Voodoo Bandits

Voodoo Bandits want you to let go with their second summer release of 2020. And from the moment Nathan’s drums start their energetic back beat, we immediately feel this song’s ready for some fun in the sun. But…just in case that doesn’t do it; Charlotte, Corey and Ben’s explosive melody of happy indie/surf-pop bass and guitar-driven goodness definitely will.

Need some icing on this already decadent cake? Then sing along to some lyrics like; “Flippin’ upside down; my face is not the right way round“, “Don’t weigh me down. Shark’s have nests, I’ll never rest” and of course the song’s anthem “Ride up to the sun. Don’t stop me having fun.

Yesterday’s Jam‘ is all about…letting go and breaking away…

Charlotte Wilby, Ben Donaldson, Nathan Vaughan, Corey Vaughan

Voodoo Bandits say their latest release is intended to “give a feeling of freedom and smiling relief to the listener.” And true to form, Ben’s avant-garde lyrical approach creates some interesting imagery that does just that.

According to the bands frontman, Yesterday’s Jam is “…a fast paced uplifting rocking ray of sunshine…about breaking away from the influence of others.” He also assures us that it’s “…great fun to play together too!”

Want More Voodoo Bandit?

Outside of working hard to help develop the indie music community on the Isle of Man; the band hinted a new single may be dropping soon and that they’re working on getting their UK tour back underway!

Until then, you can find the foursome working with their fellow artists and promoting the Isle of Man’s music scene to the rest of the world. Hook up with Voodoo Bandits on their social media to get all their music and tour updates.

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  • I like this piece here, because in a very short review I get walked through the very beginning of the song (which made me want to listen!), connect the writers’ intentions (feeling of freedom) with the listener’s (Chris) response and cover the band’s goals for enhancing the scene on the Isle of Man. Nice one!

  • I like the way the album is produced, it sounds bright and clear and the reverb in the vocals help a lot.

  • I really enjoy how this sounds, even though I think the songs themselves a bit on the light and poppy side for my taste.

  • This song rules! Without FTLOB I wouldn’t have heard this and I’ve since added their entire catalog to my Spotify likes. Especially love the full bar chord sound on the guitars!

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