Cheska Moore just released “Almost Over”; and we couldn’t be happier!

Cheska Moore just released her latest single, Almost Over, and we couldn’t be happier! Always known for her unpredictable instrumentation, the South London native takes the stripped-down approach we heard on Bloodline and mixes it with the dark melodic undertones from songs like Boy Who Tried. The result is a hauntingly beautiful melody mixed with early 1900s instrumentation and thematic soundscapes. Through Almost Over, Cheska combines her own brand of alternative pop, mystifying vocals and genuinely unique songwriting.

And we decided to learn more about what makes her tick.

FTLOB: What inspired the stripped down approach for “Almost Over”?

Cheska: The inspiration for ‘Almost over’ came after watching the Jungle book (for the millionth time), in particular the scene where the song ‘my own home’ plays. I loved the haunting melody and lullaby feel. Initially, I wrote this song with my frequent co-writer, Ash Brandon. It was on the ukulele and we intended it to be a duet. Although, when we took it to our producer (Barney Cox) and played around with the vocal harmonies and textures, it led me to the decision that the story was more poignant from one perspective.

You mentioned perspective, what are some of the things that helped shape how you approach the analytical aspects of your craft?

Cheska: Definitely attending The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM). I mean, I know when I speak about ACM with people, they get this vision of a ‘High School Musical’ scenario, and sometimes it’s really not far from it. You know, people singing in the hallways and things like that. But then there’s also the daily auditions and constant rehearsing in and around the building. I would often be faced with the task of writing full songs within 30 minutes, to then perform with a band in front of a room of musicians. For this to be my first taste of the music industry, it very much felt like diving into the deep end. I faced new challenges every week that were terrifying, exhilarating and completely worth it.

FTLOB: You were also a session singer at Xenomania.

Cheska: Actually it was ACM that opened up the opportunity to audition at Xenomania. They have so many prolific songwriters and chart toppers. Being able to immerse myself in that at such an early stage in my career gave me a priceless insight into the formula of a good song. And, of course, the overall work ethic within the industry. Their level of work ethic is still what I hold myself to, even to this day.

FTLOB: Speaking of work, how has the pandemic disrupted your approach to your professional routine?

Cheska: I’d say the immediate effect it had on me was that all the gigs I had worked very hard to secure, were cancelled. So, I immediately felt that impact. I’m also a songwriter and collaborate with many artists on a day to day basis. I am very observational with the things I write about, using everyday situations and surroundings to inspire me. Now my every day surroundings have become my four walls and I’m finding it increasingly harder to write about life when it feels like it’s on hold.

Cheska: Although, I did feel that after the first month there was a major transition in the community. People were turning to the internet to communicate, perform and collaborate. I’ve managed to hold some studio sessions through Zoom, raise money through live performances on YouTube Live, and connect with more people than ever over social media and various platforms! So, I guess even though it changed my normal day to day life as a singer/songwriter, I really feel it has kind of brought the community together.

Cheska’s musical depth is truly impressive. She flows effortlessly from one genre to the next. The shear rawness of her creativity alone makes this Academy of Contemporary Music alum one of the most intriguing artists to watch in 2020. And we can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!!

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  • If it weren’t mentioned in the introduction, I’d never have guessed Cheska was from South London.

    The harmonies in ‘Almost Over’ are beautiful, and the subtle addition of a rumbling synth bass deep in the mix in the first chorus (and heard more prominently in other tracks) really sets off the rest of the song. As stated above, Cheska Moore clearly has a broad skillset, and it will be interesting to hear what’s in store for her.

  • Oh wow, I love the vocals and the harmonies in the song, everything is so clear and crisp and absolute ear candy

  • Almost Over totally evokes that Jungle Book outro vibe. Cheska’s such a wonderful story teller! Happy to have been introduced to her music <3

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