Watch GARZI’s third video “Sick Of Me” from his new EP “Stuck In The Middle”

Garzi’s video SICK OF ME is the third one from his new EP, “Stuck In The Middle“. Building on themes from the EP’s debut video Summer, and featuring the same red Toyota from his June 24th release, Hopeless; the video is a conclusion of sorts. The crit studies major in me might say GARZI is destroying his inner demons and breaking away from his former id. Shedding the comfortable naivety of youth in preparation for the inevitable pain that comes with experience.

But this is a music blog, so instead of psychoanalyzing GARZI’s latest collaboration with friend and director Connor Limbocker, we just talked to the man himself.

FTLOB: First question, of course, the videos. What was that like?

GARZI: Filming the new videos was a lot of fun. We flew out to Portland, Oregon. My first time there. The whole time I just kept thinking, “…this is what it must’ve felt like to be signed to a cool label like Fueled By Ramen in the early 2000’s.

Watch GARZI’s video Hopeless

Watch GARZI’s video Summer

FTLOB: Speaking of cool labels, you’re with Big Noise; and collaborating with insane talent like John and Travis. What’s that like?

GARZI: The energy working with John is incredible, always on go. We make at least 3 songs in every session and it always feels so smooth. Travis is the man! Super down to earth…just wants to make good music. We always have fun.

FTLOB: Sounds like a very collaborative process.

GARZI: It is. Travis and Feldy will usually start on production while I get a vocal idea. And then I go into the booth and we just keep building till the track is done.

FTLOB: Your earlier music is more of a blending of hip-hop and alt/rock. Stuck In The Middle is a full on rock EP. From a musical perspective, there’s not a lot of young Black men doing what you’re doing.

GARZI: True, but I think nowadays rock and hip hop have made such a cross over into each other, that it’s hard to tell which world exactly you’re operating in sometimes. Also, on the alt/rock side of things, I think there are more of us out there than there used to be. Jason Butler and Stevis Harrison from FEVER 333…and guys like that. But, I would definitely love to see more Black musicians gravitating towards the alt/rock world and coming into the forefront. At times, it feels like we’re still a rarity.

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