Kristen Jade’s (aka krissy) latest single, “Time”: A modern-day Americana classic.


There’s something timeless about folk music…

I don’t know if it’s the twang of the guitar; the duality of the major/minor melody; or the soulful lyrics of introspection – but Kristen Jade’s (aka krissy) latest single, “Time”, has got all the trapping of a modern-day Americana classic. The lush acoustic guitar that complements krissy’s soft songbird voice pulls at your heartstrings in all the right ways. krissy’s lyrics fearlessly explore the depths of her own psyche and heroically find inspiration on the other side. “Time” is the very essence of what the folk genre’s all about…life.

Fans of krissy will notice that her latest single is quite a departure from earlier releases like “Wild” and “Sweet Boy”. So…in true FTLOB fashion, we asked her about it.

…what inspires my writing the most, or music in general the most, is like whatever I’m feeling. That’s what I gravitate towards…

FLTOB: What inspired the whole idea for “Time”?

Kristen: I had just graduated and was kind of going through a little post graduation life crisis…like where do I go from here kind of thing. I moved back home with my parents in Jersey and just basically kind of felt lost.

FTLOB: Like career wise?

Kristen: Sort of, I mean I knew that I wanted to pursue music. It’s my favorite outlet. But for whatever reason I didn’t wanna do anything even related to music. I just kind of fell into this depression. It was like, “I don’t know if I can sing anymoreI don’t know if this voice is able to do the things that I wanted it to do. Where do I go from here?

FTLOB: And so what happened?

Kristen: One day I just decided to put pen to paper. The end result became the lyrics to “Time.” After, the melody just came to me. That’s when I said to myself, “I’m going to push forth regardless. Even if it sounds kind of botched, we’re gonna give it a shot.” All of the sudden everything just kind of came together and I was like, “you know what..this is fueling me.” But truthfully, the words of the song are literally where my mind state was.

FTLOB: How do you feel now?

Kristen: Now it feels very full circle. It’s been three years since I originally wrote it, and during that time I’ve met John my manager and some really great people, and I’ve kind of really pushed forward. I think it’s good to look back and know that no matter how dark it gets, something beautiful can come out of staying true to what we love the most. “Time” is like my own little inspiration.

FTLOB: When and where was it recorded?

Kristen: It was probably two years ago, I want to say. Recorded at Douglass Recording in Brooklyn. It was me; Harry Burr, my producer; and one of my favorite collaborators and guitarists, Dan Toledo. We did it in one take. It was supposed to be a raw version, but once we started going, it just worked.

FTLOB: Wow, one take. Did you and Dan already have the song worked out?

Kristen: No. I had the basic melody and I just sung it for him. Dan’s so incredibly talented, he just played the most perfect thing ever to go with it. It’s one of those things where it’s just meant to be. I mean, I’m always a little nervous to share my material with anyone at first. It’s like, I don’t know how you’re going to interpret this…but I sang it for him and he came up with the softest, most beautiful folksy feeling underneath it.

…anything that lets me be my most authentic and put my soul into…I’m down for.

FTLOB: Now your other stuff is definitely more poppy. Is this a permanent departure or are you gonna go back to that?

Kristen: I just go wherever the music takes me. I think that what inspires my writing the most, or music in general the most, is like whatever I’m feeling. That’s what I gravitate towards. My interest in music is pretty eclectic, so I do see myself continuing to explore different genres. I grew up singing gospel music and that kind of thing, but I have my own personal contemporary interests, like the Beatles and different artists and stuff. So, as far as music, anything that lets me be my most authentic and put my soul into…I’m down for.

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