Siv Jakobsen’s Most of the Time lulls you into a daydream that you won’t ever want to end


From the very first plucks of the layered acoustic guitars to the very last note of this sweet-voiced singer/songwriter’s melody, one is lulled into a trance like state when listening to Siv Jakobsen’s new single, “Most of the Time.”

While the lyrics reflect a longing for a certain relationship to be out of her mind and dreams, the music pulls the listener into her dreams and frankly, makes you want to stay there. The musical landscape of dream pop with moody background vocals, synth string effects, the free form of the and rhythmic structure of the melody in the verses, and the simple production is so appropriate to complement Siv’s ethereal voice.

Most of the Time by Siv Jakobsen on YouTube

The tone of Siv’s voice and the chorused effect on the vocal harken to the sound of the band, Ivy. Siv’s chorus lyric depicts a melancholy and conflicted longing, a desire to be rid of the entangled relationship that seems to take over her mind and dreams; “I wanna know what it feels like to be alone without you in my mind. I wanna know what it feels like to dream a dream without you hanging around circling around in my head.”

In a lyrical twist at the end, the table turns and the relationship is something she wants and makes her feel good, “Most of the Time.” The song leaves you wondering about the nature of the relationship- who is it with- is this a woman in an abusive cycle addicted to an empty form of love? Is this the push and pull of romantic love? Whatever it is, there is one thing you leave with, and that is a desire to listen again.

“Most of the Time” is out now- find more about Siv Jakobsen and her music in the links below.


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