Almost Sex crafted a heady blend of impeccable indie-folk tunes with new EP ‘We’re Okay’

Almost Sex We're Okay

The boy-girl duo, Almost Sex return with their second E.P. We’re Okay. Radiating nostalgia, “incased in a relaxed coolness and jam-packed with intimate personality”, this brand new 5 track release is like nothing you have ever heard from the Brooklyn-based band before, the songs each featuring a heady blend of impeccable indie-folk tunes with layers of supposedly comforting haze-filled pop softly punctuated with thoughtfully crafted moments of alternative-rock, all topped with dashes of what the band call, “sweet Americana”.

The process of writing and recording this E.P. involved us stripping things back a bit to consolidate the core elements that made up our sound.

Almost Sex

            Having originally met on a dating app at the very start of the Covid pandemic, Nick Louis and Warren LaSota worked together remotely, perhaps not guessing that they were beginning both a musical partnership as well as starting a romantic relationship. The pair sent demos, tracks and lyrics back and forth continually, writing and working together via what they now call a “lifeline”, of technology, creatively coming together long before they met one another face to face. When they finally did meet they recorded and released their first single, Knockoff. The singles that have duly followed mould narrative-driven lyrics with vibrantly textured production.

New Almost Sex EP We’re Okay on Soundcloud. Find the EP on Spotify here.

            Nick Louis is a multi-instrumental singer/songwriter with a unique ability to blend lovely melodies and catchy hooks with emotive vocal tones that suggest an innocence and naivety but warn of experience and a sense of the adventurous. Her partner, Warren LaSota, is an architect, a multi-media artist and musician with a passion for weaving lyrical narratives and transforming soundscapes that lend themselves perfectly to varying mediums and allow the band to defy genres. The result are these five wonderfully eclectic and melodic songs, that showcase their understated, sublime balance of electronic with the organic.

We’re Okay conjures the satisfying and incredible duality of the band: soft padded beats and percussions from a 1979 analogue drum machine, smooth electric guitar, fuzzy, vocal effects full of reminiscence, all swept along easily by acoustic instrumentation and all soothed by the enhancing and hypnotic dynamic of the male and female voices that contrast and yet compliment each other, and everything.

“The Yin and Yang effect taking place,” they both add. “An ebb and flow, a pure and unique give and take,” that makes the E.P. equal parts Nick and equal parts Warren.

“The process of writing and recording this EP involved us stripping things back a bit to consolidate the core elements that made up our sound,” the guys reveal. “Our drummer had been away for work for most of the year, so we began performing shows with an analog drum machine from 1979. We decided to take it into the studio with us and it ended up becoming the principal instrument featured on most of these tracks. Much of the lyrical content of the project centres around themes of getting older in an increasingly frightening and hyper-commodified world.”

Not that you would realise it from the gently harmonised voices that tilt and colour each individual track, four of which were previously unheard songs, starting with the anthemic Show/Tell, into the guitar-led, almost bouncy Sound Asleep, complete with foot tapping percussion and Americana styled lyrics that are drenched with hopefulness, in spite of it all.

“We then move through to Lucille, the E.P’s official single release,” the guys explain, “which features heartbeat-like rhythms alongside angsty lyricism and a slow yet catchy topline.” The song Beverly meanwhile, “has more of a welcomed rockier edge and the EP finishes with a Lo-fi, field like, simplistic recording oozing with character in the form of title track Were Okay… We embed a piece of ourselves within our music…” The artistry, connection, the chemistry, musically and romantically that they share, binds them and their music together naturally, they are only too happy to admit.

            With care and attention to detail, Almost Sex explore the boundaries of their own artistic influences, musicality and personal vulnerability, injecting their music and songwriting with layers of meaning as well as an undeniable richness in sound.

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