Palmyra’s “Rolling Hills” brings the listener back to the simple joys of life


Upon the first pick of the guitar, Palmyra’s “Rolling Hills” brings the listener on a storytelling journey of the artist’s memory and description of simpler times and joys inherent in nature’s beauty.

With a conversational singing style and a knee-slapping groove on the acoustic rhythm guitar, the live sound of this musical trio makes you feel like you are sitting right there with them on an old farmhouse front porch sippin’ sweet tea in the summertime as the musicians pick and play. The beauty of the Americana style of Palmyra’s songs never goes out of style and gives the listener a moment to pause and ponder what truly is important in life.

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The personification of the hills, the barn, and the stars at night enable the listener to more deeply connect with the simple story of gratitude and awakening to the beauty of simple country life. Palmyra knows what country life is like, as they all met in the heart of bluegrass country, the Shenandoah area of Virginia. Though when they were younger, like most youth do, they rejected their roots, but as they have matured, they have actually embraced their heritage and now share about it in their songs.


With tight three-part harmony and serious picking skills (a Bluegrass term for guitar chops), Palmyra’s “Rolling Hills” weaves word pictures with simple melodic structure and rhythm that truly entertains the listener. Make sure you listen to their new album which had its debut on May 20th. For more information about Palmyra, check out their socials below!

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Anastasia Rizing
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  • “The personification of the hills, the barn, and the stars at night” – perfect description for this group. Glad to discover new tunes!

  • “The personification of the hills, the barn, and the stars at night enable the listener to more deeply connect with the simple story of gratitude” – perfect description for this group. Adding them to my “driving through the prairie” playlist.

  • Love to discover new music, especially music that makes me feel like they’re singing right to me.

  • I’m so happy I read this article and found this band! I love their sound. It’s rough but in a perfect way and exactly what the songs need. Gonna stay updated on them.

  • We think the blog overviews with accurate detail the absolute authenticity of the band. We listened to one of their live performances and what immediately struck was their relaxed cohesion and pure style of playing. The blog’s detailed but understated descriptions we believe to be respectful and in line with the band’s image and sound.

  • So happy bands like this are getting much needed attention! Beautiful song, beautiful sounds 🙂

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