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Q&A with Auckland singer/songwriter Lunavela | sobriety and falling in love in early recovery


Lunavela aka Auckland singer/songwriter, and former Collapsing Cities frontman, Steve Mathieson, is releasing the fourth single from his upcoming album, Imposter Syndrome on 3rd June. The new single, You know who you are, you know how I feel is about sobriety and falling in love in early recovery. It was the last song that he wrote for this album. Steve says “I’m so broke from making this album, but I don’t regret it. I should have made this album a long time ago”

It comes after the release of his first single, Six-Out-of-Ten-Friend, which hit the number one spot on the SRN, and has been there for three weeks. With the exception of the drums, which are provided by Boycrush’s Alaister Deverick, Mathieson plays everything on the track, which was mixed by Dave Eringa (Manic Street Preachers)

Mathieson draws his songwriting inspiration from exploring the things that most people think, but don’t want to say. “ The more uncomfortable the lyrics make me feel, the better,” he says, and his latest offering stands true to this assertion, with the upbeat pop guitar juxtaposing the self-analytical, vulnerable lyrics.

Unconventionally, he says he usually starts with a song title and develops the idea from there, preferring to work within a “theme” for his lyrics. Mathieson’s signature style seems to be setting those sticky observations that none of us like to make out loud to a catchy, upbeat backdrop, inviting his listeners to freely relate to the discomfort with a knowing smile and a tapping foot.

When asked about his latest release … Steve tells us “it’s about falling in love in early recovery and was mixed by Dave Eringa (Manic Street Preachers)”.

Now some more Q&A. First one:

What musician/ artist/ instrument would you like to add to your band?

I’d love to work with a gospel choir or Moby.

Which instrument is your favorite to play and why?

I like playing/writing on the piano because I don’t overthink it like the guitar. My main instrument.

What type of musician would you prefer to collaborate with?

I’d love to write a song with Rick Knowles. He is my songwriting hero or work with Stephen Street.

If you would have to compare your music to an animal, which one would it be?


How could you describe your music?

Pop music that sings about the truth.

What is the most interesting thing we don’t know about your band yet?

It’s just me. I need to find a band and start playing shows.

Last question: Why did you choose this artist name? Is there a meaning, a secret or twisted side?

Luna + moon and vela sail.
I like the sentiment of sailing to the moon.

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