Hometown Heroes – Yes, I Swear

Fans of Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy, etc. will deem this track, worthy.

Hometown Heros is a pretty bold band name, especially when your hometown is Rome, Italy. The quartet founded in 2017 can back it all up though. Their new single, Yes, I Swear is an amalgamation of punk rock, pop punk and Can’t Hardly Wait soundtrack goodness.

Hometown Heros set the listener straight on this track. The energy is there, the angst, the eff-off vibe, it’s all here. All members’ performances on the new single are on-edge. Rhythm tracks are watertight, guitars are expertly placed in the mix, drums are of masterful regiment with some fills periodically garnering a rewind! Riva’s vocal hangs on the edge of despair, almost going over, but never quite doing so. With all that said, it’s a perfectly packaged and performed, pop-punk track that falls famously between 41 and 182.

Hometown Heroes

Notably, the lyrics are of a bit higher quality than most music of this genre. More poetic or something in nature, rather than, “Who stepped on my XBOX controller” type thing. It’s more grown up, probably something the whole genre could benefit from. After all, Jennifer Love Hewitt is pushing 40!

Fans of Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy, etc. will deem this track, worthy.

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