Kyrie Kristmanson – Mon Héroïne

A dulcet odyssey into a dimply lit, steamy speakeasy.

Classically trained, multi-instrumentalist, Kyrie Kristmanson, released her dreamy track ‘Mon Herione’ a few short weeks ago. The talented Canadian is a scholar of medieval music and incorporates her understanding of this into her original compositions. She has released a total of three albums, and ‘Mon Heroine’ is the title track of her most recent EP.

The song itself evokes blissful euphoria with velvet-like vocals gliding over simple, yet broken electronic rhythm. Her voice is a rich blend of Lesley Gore & Petula Clark, creating a retro, soothing tone that captures one’s attention immediately.  Decorated by echoing backing vocals, ambient additions and subtle jazz instrumentation, ‘Mon Heroine’ is a dulcet odyssey into a dimly lit, steamy speakeasy, hidden underground from the outside world.

Kyrie Kristmanson

If you’re searching for something different, then make sure to give ‘Mon Heroine’ a listen and go follow Kyrie Kristmanson on all her socials.


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