Joe Kaplow – Mavourneen | An escape from the stressful complications of modern society

A harmonious partnership between unique vocals and a selection of organic instruments.

Joe Kaplow - Mavourneen

If you’re a fan of Ben Howard or Bon Iver, then here’s a track for you: ‘Mavourneen’ is the final song on singer/songwriter, Joe Kaplow’s debut album entitled, ‘Time Spent In Between’.  The professional-musician-turned-hippie lives within a shared mansion in the hills of Santa Cruz, and creates tranquil folk music that sends you straight to a free-loving paradise.

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Taking inspiration from the likes of Paul Simon and The Tallest Man On Earth, Kaplow writes music that assists him through the difficult times in his life. ‘Mavourneen’ refers to Traditional Irish Folk music, translating to ‘my beloved’, and the song itself is a harmonious partnership between unique vocals and a selection of organic instruments. It begins simple, reminiscent of traditional song, yet slowly unwinds with ease to become something peacefully serene. The soothing acoustic guitar/banjo motif is a sure anchor throughout the song, bringing you back to this comforting familiarity between verses, and his poetic lyrics provide details that transport you to a free-spirited utopia.

Joe Kaplow

‘Mavourneen’ is an escape from the stressful complications of modern society, a chance to feel weightless for a short time. If you are searching for liberation, then listen to Joe Kaplow’s ‘Mavourneen’ on his debut album and follow his socials here:


We’ve added Mavourneen to our Lazy Indie Morning playlist on Spotify, Deezer, YouTube and Apple Music as well.

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